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SHADES OF A RAMADAN pdf download

Shades Of A Ramadan By Bint Ibrahim
📘 Book Title Shades Of A Ramadan
👤 Book AuthorBint Ibrahim
🖨️ Total Pages117
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Shades Of A Ramadan By Bint Ibrahim


From the Book

laws are made to guide, made to guide us to the right path; do not seek an opportunity то disobey them, and neither should you disobey them because it’s the norm; the truth is different from falsehood;

laws are made to guide, when a man is caught breaking the laws made by fellow men; he loses face, becomes ashamed, and starts making excuses for his whys; knowing they were laws he was meant to abide by this is true of you and me, how we break the laws of man; but for those of the Highest, in every sphere of our lives, broken, despite our awareness?

Subhanallah! Subhanallah! I say, first to myself, and then to you, abide by the laws given to us by the One who created us from nothing, sustains us daily, and knows us best before а day that regrets, shame, or excuses will not suffice as repentance;

before a day that faces. will be gloomy and weary but no one will notice; before that day, abide today! and when you fall, know that you have a Lord that is ever gracious and most merciful; seek repentance,

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