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Sickness Regulation & Exhortations pdf download

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 Sickness Regulation Exhortations
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Muhammad al-Jibaly
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Sickness Regulation & Exhortations

The Inevitable Journey – Sickness Regulation & Exhortations

We inevitably pass through the route starting in this life, and extending into the grave, before our final abode in the hereafter. In the process, we encounter stages of sickness, death, and the intermediate life in the grave (al-Barzakh). These are the subjects with which “the Inevitable Journey” deals over a sequence of four titles:

  • Sickness: Regulations & Exhortations
  • The Islamic Will & Testament
  • Funeral Regulations
  • Life in al-Barzakh

We present the subject matter of this series from the authentic texts of the Qur iin and Sunnah, guided in their explanation by the understanding of eminent (ulama. We strive to eliminate all elements of superstition and falsehood that have traditionally crept into this side of the human life in various cultures.

All books in this series are meant to be useful handbooks in their subject matter. Thus, whenever possible, the material is presented in table fonnat for easy reference, discussion, and study. Supplication are generally presented with the Arabic text, transliteration, and English meanings.

This Book – Sickness Regulation & Exhortations

This book is the first in the series. 1 It deals with the subject that afflicts the human being, in various forms, from birth until death. It strikes as light as a simple cold or allergy, and as hard as a plague or cancer. It keeps the human being under check, reminding him of his weakness, and giving him a chance to tum to the One Who possesses to afflict and cure. It deals with sickness, its regulations, and lessons associated with it.

Despite its great importance to the Muslims, it is hard to find this subject all compiled in one book, not only in English, but in Arabic as well. We thank Allah (?) for facilitating this for us.

The idea of this book started from al-lfiidah lima Jaa fil Maradh wal-‘iyādah (The Benefits in What Has Been Reported Concerning Sickness and Visiting) by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami. Sensing the need for a book like it in English, and realizing its limited coverage and that it contains a good number of unauthentic reports, it was decided to use it only as a starting point for a comprehensive manual on the subject of sickness.

In compiling this book, we have used other references dealing with various aspects of the subject of sickness, as is indicated in the list of references in the back of this book.

The subject of Ruqya

It is to be noted that, in the chapter on treatment, we tried to cover the most important forms of treatment reported in the Sunnah, without attempting to encompass all. The reason for this is that there are translations available of “the Prophet’s Medicine”, which is a part of Ibn ul-Qayyim’s, “Ziid ul-Ma’iid”. That book is quite encompassing in this regard, but care should be taken to avoid its numerous unauthentic reports.

We have included a chapter on the subject of ruqyah, which is a great source of misconception and confusion in the minds of many people. Its misunderstanding has led many people to fall victims to magicians, sorcerers, and ignorant soothsayers. Therefore, we have dealt with that subject from both practical and creed-related aspects.

The last chapter comprises a detailed discussion of the subject of disabilities. In addition to being strongly related to sickness, the discussions in that chapter are much needed by multitudes of disabled Muslims.

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