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Student Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

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Astrologer — a person who predicts the future from the study of the positions of the stars and the movements of the planets.

Blacksmith — a person who makes and repairs things made of iron.

Broker — a person who acts as a middleman in bargains.

Butcher — a person who sells meat or kills animals for this.

Cartographer — a person who draws maps and charts.

Choreographer — a person who arranges the steps and movements in dances.

Confectioner — a person who makes and sells sweets, cakes, pastries, etc.

Draper — a person who sells clothes.

Florist — a person who sells flowers.

Goldsmith — a person who makes

articles of gold.

Grocer — a person who sells food in packets and general small household goods.

Jockey — a person who rides in horse races.

Lexicographer — a person who writes and edits dictionaries.

Lyricist — a person who writes the words of songs.

Mason — a person who builds stone houses.

Optician — a person who makes and sells spectacles, contact lenses and other optical goods.

Plumber — a person who fits or repairs

pipes and taps.

Porter — a person who carries people’s luggage and other loads.

Publisher — a person who publishes books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Retailer — a shopkeeper who sells goods in small quantities to the general public.

Sculptor — a person who makes figures or objects by carving wood or stones, shaping clay, etc.

Surgeon — a doctor who performs medical operations.

Tanner — a person who makes animal skin into leather by treating it with chemicals.

Teller — a cashier who pays out money especially in a bank.

Undertaker — a person who arranges funerals.

Veterinarian — a doctor who treats animal diseases and injuries.

Vintner — a person who sells wines.

Affidavit — a written statement made on oath before an authority, that can be used as evidence in court.

Ambassador — a person who lives in a

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