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Tafsir al Azhar Disertasi Temple Univ pdf

Tafsir al-Azhar Disertasi Temple Univ.pdf
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12 To examine this work critically we will identify some pertinent issues in twentieth-century Indonesia. This will enable us Co critically examine the contexts of intellectual, gocial, political and interreligious relations in Indonesia, which are relevant Co our seudy. The most notable issues in Indonesia at the eime of Kamka were national uniey and interreligious harmony. Hamka, ag one of the main actors in the Indonesian national religious panorama, played a significant role in representing the Muslim side of the equation in interreligious . Kamka also witnessed and experienced pain and suffering during the Communist surge. His works reflect the ideological struggle between Islam and Communism. This phenomenon of communication in Tafsir al -Azhar was influenced by the contemporary situation; how this work stands ag a mirror of social change is the main thrust of this study. Tafsir al -Azhar Tafsir al -Azhar is a c•0LLeceion of a series of morning lectures (kuliah gubuh) given by Hamka between 1959 and 1981 in ehe A1 -Azhar Mosque in Jakarta, and of a series of articles written in Che journal Gema Islam (The Voice of Islam) . On January, 27, 1964, Hamka was detained on a false charge ot involvement in a conspiracy eo assassinate Reproduced witn perm ssion ot me copyright owner Further reproduction prohibited without permission

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