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Tajweed Rules of the Quran pdf download

📘 Book Title Tajweed Rules Of The Quran
👤 Book AuthorAyman swayd
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Tajweed Rules of the Quran


About the author

Ash-Sheikh Dr. Ayman Rushdi Swayd, born in 1955, is a Syrian national living in Saudi Arabia for the last twenty years.

He received his PhD from the Islamic and Arabic Studies department from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and also received a PhD from the Arabic Language department of 0mm Al-Qura University, Makkah Almokaramah.

His accomplishments in the field of the Qur’an are many; of them is certification in tajweed from the Qira’aat Institute of Cairo.

He has received authentication and approval (ijazah) of his recitation in the way of Hafs ‘an’ Aasim from many different renown Qur’anic scholars, including the honorable Sheikh Muhyee Ad-Deen Al­Kurdi, of

Damascus, Sheikh Mohammed Taha Sakkar, of Damascus, and Sheikh Abdulazeez ‘Ayoon As-Sood, Hams. He has had his recitation of the 10 greater different recitations approved and authenticated by Ash-Sheikh Abdulazeez ‘Ayoon As-Sood, Hams, Ash-Sheikh Ahmed Abdulazeez Az-Zayyaat, Cairo, Ash-Sheikh Ibrahim “Ali Shahaatah As-Samannoodiyy, Egypt, and Ash-Sheikh ‘Aamir As-Sayyid ‘Uthmaan, the head of recitation of Egypt.

Ash-Sheikh Ayman Swayd has spent the last twenty years with the Qur’an Memorization Society in Jeddah, teaching Qur’an and its science and producing masters of recitation and granting them approval and authentication, and more than thirty individuals have received this, most of them teach in the universities and schools of Saudi Arabia.

He has edited and published a number of manuscripts m the field of tajweed and recitation.

The honorable sheikh teaches correct recitation of the Qur’an through the program “KayfNaqra’ Al-Qur’an on the Iqra’ satellite channel of television.

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