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📘 Book Title The Accepted Whispers
👤 Book AuthorMolana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
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The Accepted Whispers Munajat-e-Maqbul by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi


From the book

It is not that we have forgotten du‘a’ completely; we refer to it regularly. But our ideas and practice regarding du‘a’ have become distorted. Often it is reduced to the level of a ritual.

 Generally it is considered when all our efforts have failed—an act of last resort. It is belittled through actions and sometimes even with words.

 Is it any wonder that today mostly a mention of du‘a’ is meant to indicate the hopelessness of a situation.

What a tragedy, for du‘a’ is the most potent weapon of a believer.

It can change fate, while no action of ours ever can. It is the essence of ‘ibadah (worship). With it we can never fail; without it we can never succeed.

In the proper scheme of things, du’a’ should be the first and the last resort of the believer, with all his plans and actions coming in between.

In every difficulty we ask Allah “Y¢ to show us the way to handle that difficulty; we seek His help in in following the path He shows to us; we seek His aid in making our efforts successful.

 When we fall sick, we know that we cannot find the right doctor without His Will;

that the best doctor may not be able to diagnose our condition without His Command; that the best treatment plan will not succeed without His Permission

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