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📘 Book Title The Advices Of Hazrat Ali
👤 Book AuthorKhanqah Sheikh Zakariyya
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Advices of Hazrat Ali by Khanqah Sheikh Zakariyya


Some of the Advices

  1. With sabr(patience) a person can withstand difficulties
  2. To do this and that(that is to beat around the bush) is one of the manners of being deprived of the mercy of Allah)
  3. Everyone naturally likes justice
  4. Following your desires are the means of destruction
  5. The punishment of involving yourself in the love of material aspects is the deprivation of true love for Allah Ta’ala
  6. Miserliness is the clothing of dishonour
  7. Do not be satisfied (with the results) of that person whose heart is not in his work
  8. It is easier to turn a mountain into dust, than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred
  9. The person who follows his desires will surely get lost (becomes purposeless)
  10. Bavery is that you exercise patience for a little while
  11. Moderation is the best status in all affairs
  12. Your best friend is that person,who assists you the most,in time of your needs
  13. It is better to refrain from sins than to seek forgiveness later
  14. The person who is ensnared by jealousy will be ensnared by a ‘bad’ ending
  15. Many diseases(and problems) are due to extravagance
  16. An intelligent enemy is (sometimes) better than a foolish friend
  17. Ability (taufeeq) to do something is good fortune and helplessness(not being able to do something) is misfortune
  18. The person who points out and looks for faults in others, opens (the door of exposing) his faults to others

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