📘 Book TitleThe Book Of Hajj And Umrah
👤 Book AuthorMahmoud Murad
🖨️ Total Pages43
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Book of Hajj and Umrah by Mahmoud Murad

Book Content

1. The Merits of the Hajj

2. The Status of the Hajj

3. Al-Mawaqeet

4. The Ihram

5. The Purpose of Ihram

6. Prohibited Things during Ihram

7. The Types of Hajj

8. Entering Makkah

9. The procedure of Umrah

10. The procedure of Hajj

11. The Fundamental Rites of Hajj

12. The Obligatory Duties of Hajj

13. The Fundamental Rites of Umrah

14. The Obligatory Duties of Umrah

15. The Udh’hiyah and the Aqiqah

16. The Time of Sacrificing the Animal

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