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The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechani pdf

The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechani - Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari.pdf
The Book Of Knowledge Of Ingenious Mechanical
book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechani
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 302
book-size-in-mbs-openmaktabaPDF Size: 28.55 Mb(s)
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used-language-icon-openmaktabaLanguage: English
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  The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechani – Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari.pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

This is hammered until its Circular Shape is changed into the shape Of an eye. This is inserted intothe hole until it is near the [other] end of the jar, and is then securely soldered at the joint. Thepipe is slightly narrower at the end inside the jar than it is at the point where it is soldered tothe hole, and it should as light as possible. Then a small hole is drilled in the centre Of theother cover of the jar and on to this hole is a pilN of length [equal] to [the distance]from the [centrepoint] ERtween the two to the vessel’s cover. An aperture is madein the wall the two into which is inserted the end Of the jar, without pr0-truding to the outside Of the wall. In the cover of the vessel a hole is made in the direction Ofthis into which hole is soldered the end of the connecting with the lower cover Ofthe jar. After this the soldering of the vessel and what is to it is tested [to ensure]that air does not emerge anywhere but through the This is the picture [Fig. 27] of the vessel,the siphon, and the jar on the pivz From it one hears the sound Of the trumpet. I refer [also]to the picture [Fig. 29] of the vessel, the trough and the wheel with the scoops. The vessel is z,the end of the siphon j, and the jarNow a piece Of is until it takes the of a long trough [also &awd], fourfingers high and wide enough to hold the water that issues from the onyx in 9 hours of the hoursof the first of Cancer. In the centre of one end-wall of this trough, near its floor a holeis made, and in this hole a pipe [shaped] like a finger is soldered. In the floor of this trough,near the corners, are four lead weights [sanja] each weight one finger thick. Then a copperplate is brought, as wide as the width of the trough, and fitted over the weights inside the troughand firmly soldered around the of the trough so that the plate forms a swond floorfor the trough. This floor is then divided transversely into three equal parts by two lines,

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