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The Book Of Purification
Book Title The Book Of Purification
Book AuthorIbrahim Memon Madam
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The Book of Purification – The Complete Islamic Rules and Guidelines of Cleanliness and Purification by Shaikh M Ibrahim Memon Madam


Prophet also elaborated upon the rules of purification of the body (taharah). He even went to the extent of incorporating this into the essence of faith.

 In the Qur’an, Allah 4 elevates the status of a purified person and praises those who are habituated to purifying their bodies.

In some instances, the Blessed Prophet called taharah a part of faith (iman).

 In other ahadith, he called it half of iman and warned of the fire of j2hannum for those who do not keep themselves purified. He also warned of jahannum for those who do not protect themselves against drops of urine.

The Blessed Prophet $8 was scrupulously strict in this matter and specifically ordered the Sahabah to maintain purity of the body at all times.

The Blessed Prophet 38 would keep those who embraced Islam in Medina for two to three days to teach them the basic rules of cleanliness, purification, and prayer. In their Khilaafats, Abu Bakr, Omar bin Khattab, and Uthman continued this Sunnah of the Blessed Prophet.

They accommodated these new converts for two to three days until they learned the basic rules of ibadah. In the books of ahadith, the first book following the book of iman is the book of taharah. The order of these books

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