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The Book On The Secrets Of The Pilgrimage pdf download

The Book On The Secrets Of The Pilgrimage
📘 Book Title The Book On The Secrets Of The Pilgrimage
👤 Book AuthorImam Al-Ghazali
🖨️ Total Pages40
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Book The Book On The Secrets Of The Pilgrimage ( Kitab ‘Asraral-Hajj) By Imam Al-Ghazalı Translatıon By Ibrahım Umar

  • Introduction 3
  • Chapter 1
  • The Merit of Pilgrimage 4
  • The Excellence of the House and Exalted Mecca 6
  • The Excellence of Residing at Mecca 7
  • The Excellence of Medina 8
  • On the Criteria that Determine the Obligation of Pilgrimage 9
  • On the Criteria for the Essentials of Pilgrimage to have been Validly Observed 10
  • Chapter 2
  • The Sequence of the External Acts 13
  • On the Supererogatory Rites Connected with the Return from the Journey 27
  • Chapter 3
  • The Exact Proprieties of the Hidden Acts 28
  • Explanation of the Hidden Acts 31
  • Bibliography.

The Pilgrimage is one of the Pillars and Foundations of Islam, the act of worship of a lifetime, the seal of all that is commanded, the perfection of Islam and the completion of religion.

Concerning it God the Most High has revealed his statement “This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as religion” (5:4).

And concerning it the Prophet — the blessing of God be upon him — said, “Whoever dies without, having performed the Pilgrimage let him die, if he wish, either a Jew or a Christian.”

 How exalted is that act of worship without which religion is lacking in perfection, and the evader of which is equal in, waywardness to Jews and Christians: [Such worship] deserves that much attention be devoted to explaining it and to detailing its essential elements ( arkan ), its proprieties, its merits, and its mysteries.

All of this will be disclosed, by the grace of God the Most High, in three chapters: 1.

The first chapter concerns its merits and the merits of Mecca and the Ancient House and its essential parts and the criteria [that determine] its obligatory character ( wujub ).

2. The second chapter [deals with] its outward acts in [correct] order according to their order, from the beginning of the journey until the return. 3. The third chapter concerns its exact proprieties, its hidden mysteries and its inner ( ‘batina ) acts.

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