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The cause of persistence of the blessings pdf

📘 Book Title The Cause Of Persistence Of The Blessings
👤 Book AuthorAbu Anas Sami bin Emarah
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The cause of persistence of the blessings


Book’s Introduction

All the praises and thanks be to Allah, may Allah exalt the mention of His chosen slave, Muhammad bin Abd Allah, his household and companions. And peace be upon them.

Surely, the Graces of Allah, Exalted and Majestic is He, on His slaves are very much, and the greatest of these graces is the grace of guidance to Islam and what a great grace! There are many graces lower to it, at which the weak slave with his restricted mind is amazed, and none can count them but Allah, who has bestowed them.

It is known that the source of the blessings is Allah, so the slave should be keen on persistence of the blessings, which does not occur but by another blessing which is thanksgiving and this was apparent frankly in Allah’s Saying:

“If you give thanks (by accepting Faith and worshipping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings)”2 So, thanksgiving is the cause of persistence of the blessings and whosoever is inspired to thank Allah, will not be deprived of the increase.

The grade of thanksgiving is one of the highest grades, Allah has commanded to do it, forbidden its opposite, praised its doers, described His chosen slaves by doing it, made it the goal of His Creation and Command, promised its doers the best reward, made it a cause for increasing His Grace and a guardian of His Blessing, told that its doers are those who get benefit from His Verses, and derived a name for them from His Names, as He (I honor Him from all unsuitable things ascribed to Him) is the Thankful.3

Surely, the thanksgiving for the blessing is a proof for straightness of the principles in the human soul, as the good is thanked as it is its natural reward in the straight instinct, and no one can dispense with this form of worship but who has been deprived of all the good.

So, I’d like to talk about this valuable subject so that our souls may be purified, as the slave, who thanks Allah for His Blessing, deals with it without arrogance or using it in hurting others, and this purifies the soul and motivates it to do righteous deeds.

It is noticed that some people, on thanking Allah, say: (All the praises and thanks be to Allah) without doing righteous deeds as a truthful proof for their thanksgiving to Him.

On the other side, some people utter the words of thanksgiving to Allah while they use His Blessings in disobeying Him contradicting what they claim, so I concentrated in this research on correcting this false concept.

Lastly, whatever right in this research is from Allah alone, as He is the Giver of it, and whatever wrong in it is from me and Satan, and Allah and His Messenger are dissociated from it.

And the guidance is from Allah, and may Allah exalt the mention of our Prophet Muhammad, all his household and companions. The author 20/8/1418 H

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