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The East-West dichotomy by Thorsten Pattberg


The East-West dichotomy is a philosophical concept of ancient origin that claims that the two cultural hemispheres,

East and West, developed opposed, one from the particular to the universal and the other from the universal to the particular; the East is more inductive while the West is more deductive.

Together they form an equilibrium Some people say that the two poles of the East-West dichotomy had shifted twice to the utmost peripheries of the world, in the East to Japan (c. 1868-1945) and in the West to the USA (c. 1950-2006).

 To this, I have strong objections.

Japan, despite its relative military and economic power, like Great Britain, is an island state with the historical function of manipulating power- structures between the divided forces dwelling on the massive neighboring continent.

However, being descendants of the great landmasses themselves (Germanic and Chinese/Korean), with a relatively small population, neither of them fits the East-West equation all on its own.

The U.S.A., on the other hand, is not a civilization but a (Western) culture, living on the outer crescent of the world’s pivot: Eurasia.

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