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📘 Book Title The Etiquettes Of Visiting The Haramain Sharifain
👤 Book AuthorHakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab
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The etiquettes of visiting the haramain sharifain – book sample


By casting evil glances at somebody’s guests, one is in actual fact causing disgrace and dishonour to the host.

The proof of this can be found in the Qur’aan Shareef. In order to punish the people of Hazrat Lut three angels viz. Hazrat Jibra’il, Hazrat Mika’il and Hazrat Isra’fil came to Hazrat Lut. Hazrat Izra’il was not sent, because the people of Hazrat Lut were to be punished alive in this world, and when the punishment descended on these people, then Hazrat Izra’il was sent to take the souls of these people.

So these three angels, Hazrat Jibra’il, Hazrat Isra’fil and Hazrat Mika’il came down in the form of handsome youth. Allah Ta’ala tests His slaves according to the spiritual sickness that they are suffering from. The people of Hazrat Lut were infatuated with the love of young lads,

 Therefore, Allah Ta’ala sent these angels in the form of handsome young lads, so that the people of Hazrat Lut would go mad over them. From this we understand that casting evil glances at beautiful women and handsome young lads are the actions of people who are going to be punished by Allah Ta’ala.

By casting such evil glances, one is inviting the wrath and punishment of Allah Ta’ala. So when the eyes of the people of Hazrat Lut fell on these young lads, their uncontrollable lust caused them to lose their senses and go mad.

Therefore, they attempted to storm the house of Hazrat Lut. Hazrat Lut began to panic, as he did not know that these three youngsters were in fact angels. Thus, he addressed his people:

“These are my guests, therefore do not disgrace me!”

Similarly, all the men, women and youth that come to Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah, are all the guests of Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah

 Therefore, by casting evil glances at them, one in actual fact is commiting an act of insolence and disrespect before Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah.

If perchance, one’s glance happens to fall on a women, then say to one’s self, “O Allah! This is Your Guest. Hence, she is more honourable and worthy of respect than my own mother. If I had to entertain any evil thought regarding her, it would be as if I am entertaining evil thoughts regarding my very own mother.”

In a similar manner, if one’s gaze falls on a handsome young lad, then one should immediately shift one’s gaze away and ponder over the following, “O Allah! This boy is more honourable and worthy of respect than my own father, because he is Your Guest.” The point is that we should protect our gazes from both strange women and handsome young boys.

The same ruling will apply irrespective of which place on the world we are. However, here the matter is much more grave and serious, because Makkah is the City of Sanctuary and Safety, and Madina Tayyibah is the City of Rasulluah.

 Therefore, Honour and Greatness of Allah Ta’ala and Rasulluah demands that we honour their guests.

If Allah Ta’ala accepts this one action of ours, then by blessings of the Taqwa that we have adopted here in Makkah and Madinah, Allah Ta’ala will give us the ability to adopt the same Taqwa when we return to our homes in different parts of the world, and the thought will remain with one, that these beautiful women and handsome young lads are all the slaves of Allah Ta’ala, how then can I cast evil glances at them?

Theereafter, when one returns to one’s country, the following Hadith will always be in mind:

What kind of kindness is it to cast evil glances at others? Therefore, one should strongly resolve to stay away from casting evil glances.

Those who suffer from this spiritual malady should sit far away from the Mutaaf, otherwise one will become accursed by casting evil glances at the women performing Tawaaf.

To show disrespect to the Guests of Allah Ta’ala is like showing disrespect to Allah Ta’ala. Just as Hazrat Lut said to his people, “Do not disgrace me!” But what happened next when these evil and wretched people did not listen?

Those people that they had thought to be handsome young lads, were in fact angels. Hazrat Jibra’il, with the strike of just one wing, caused all of them to become blind.

Thereafter, the punishment and wrath of Allah Ta’ala descended, and all their mischievious ways came to an end.

That is why, when one is enjoying one’s self whilst casting evil glances, one should in fact fear Allah Ta’ala, because this enjoyment that one experiences is in fact punishment, hence one should immediately flee from such situations.

Protect your gaze! Protect your hearts and protect your bodies! There is absolutely nothing

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