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📘 Book Title The Expanding Of Hearts
👤 Book Authorİmam Suyuti
🖨️ Total Pages592
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Expanding of hearts. The commentary on the state of the dead in the grave by Suyuti

In Analyzing the condition Of the Deceased and the Graves Imam Jalaalud’deen as Suyuti 0 Translated Through the Blessings of Ghaus ul Waqt Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind By a humble servant of Allah Muhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi Noori


Book Contents

  • Introduction
    • Notes before reading Sharhus Sudoor
    • Discussion on Death
    • About Sharhus Sudoor
    • About the Translation of Sharhus Sudoor
    • Khutbah by the Author
  • Chapter 1 53
    • Introduction to Death
    • Long Life in the Obedience of Allah
    • Impermissibility of Wishing For Death
    • When is it permissible to desire death
    • Death is more Glorious than Life
  • Chapter 2 79
    • Death and Preparation for Death
    • Statements of the Pious Predecessors
    • Deeds that Assist one in Remembering Death
  • Chapter 3 89
    • Importance of Being Hopeful of Goodness From Allah Almighty
    • The Importance of Fearing Allah
    • Narrations in this Regard
    • The Fear of Death
    • Ahadith e Mubaarak
  • Chapter 5 95
    • Signs of Khaatima Bil Khayr (Death with Goodness)
    • Chapter Discussing Sakraat ul Maut (Agony of Death)
    • Important Notes
    • The Features and Appearance of Death
    • Sudden Death
  • Chapter 6 109
    • Issues related to the Death-Bed
    • Recitation of Yaasin and Duas at this time
    • Ahadith e Mubaaraka
  • Chapter 7 119
    • Malak ul Maut and His Companion Angels
    • The Angels who brought Hazrat Adam to Mina
    • Malak ul Maut is Haazir o Naazir
    • The Incident of Hazrat Idrees
    • The Complaint of Malak ul Maut
    • Hazrat Musa’s slap
    • The Passing Away of Hazrat Ibrahim
    • The Passing Away of Hazrat Dawud
    • About The Wisaal of Habeeb Kibriya 8tfc
    • The marvel of Malak ul Maut
    • The Death of non-humans
    • How to befriend the Angel of Death
    • About making a Wasiyah before Death
  • Chapter 8 137
    • The Annual Adjustment to the Age of a Person
    • Munkar and Nakeer (Angels of the Grave)
    • Companions of The Grave
    • The Comfort of a Believer
    • Tafseer (Commentary) of a Qur’anic Verses
    • The Condition on the Eve of Me’raj
    • The Special Welcome
    • The Excellence of a Shaheed (Martyr)
    • The Fragrant Souls of the Believers

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