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The first Caliph – Abubakar pdf download

Book Title The First Caliph
Book AuthorMohammad Redha
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The first caliph


Book introduction

The Author says: When the prophet, to Whom may Allah’s blessings and peace be granted, died Arabs were shocked and Muslims became at adds; particularly al-Ansar (Supporters) and the immigrants; for caliphate (succession).

Abu Bakr, armed with wisdom and presence of mind, defused the dispute and got the pledge of allegiance by consensus.

Abu Bakr, for whom Allah’s Good pleasures proved that he was the most efficient man and the man of that time because when the messenger of Allah died, many Arabs apostatized and things turned very dangerous in the Arabian Peninsula.

Thus, predictors emerged and gathered their armies and rebelled against Muslims.

Some of them apostatized and others prevented alms and prayers and permitted the practicing of taboos and dismissed many Walis (Governors).

Had not Abu Bakr been a strong adherent to the Sunna of Prophet and had not he been of strong will and courage, the apostates would have prevailed and beat the Islam once for all.

First, the matter caused fears to the great companions of Prophet Mohammed, to Whom may Allah’s blessings and peace be granted; but, Abu Bakr showed steadfastness and efficiency in sending armies and choosing commanders and Walis to all parts of the Arabian Peninsula. He defeated the apostates and restored security to the country in less than a year.

 Furthermore, he sent armies to Iraq and al-Sham and defeated the Persians and Romans aml their Arab allies.

 The Arab conquerors went beyond the Arabian Peninsula in their conquests. All this was done during his Caliphate; which lasted two years and a few months.

No doubt, great achievements were made in this short period; thereby paving the way for his successors to go ahead with Islamic conquests.

 By this the wisdom of Prophet Mohammad, to Whom may Allah’s blessings and peace be granted, was proved through the selection of Abu Bakr after Him.

He, for Whom Allah’s good pleasure is prayed, was nice, docile, humble, ascetic, austere, fair and not greedy.

His concern was to disseminate Islam and bolster its foundations as well as to follow the Sunna of Allah’s Messenger, to Whom may Allah’s blessings and peace be granted. He worked for closing the ranks of Muslims.

In general, he was the best example for them in their religion and their life. He chose the best for them to be his successor after him; the orthodox caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab, for whom Allah’s Good pleasure is prayed.

He was his minister and judge and he accompanied him all the time during his caliphate for maintaining the entity of Islam.

This is Abu Bakr al-Seddeq, the successor of Allah’s Messenger in whose life I was interested and whose life I interpreted. And I explained his great acts in my book.

I kindly request Allah  to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty that I was a success in my job.

And I request Allah the Almighty that the Muslims get the benefit and to make use of their good ancestors as I made things easier for understanding with a view to explaining the battles, the Men’s biographies, setting dates right and explaining the mysterious phrases to facilitate the revision and research and to save time.

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