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The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp


He says:

I have brought out this new, special 200412005 edition of The Franklin Cover-Up because the story and its implications continue to have exploding effects on the American political and social landscape.

In the years since the first copies of The Franklin Cover-Up hit the streets, not only have I and others learned far more about the Larry King political sub-culture of drugs and child abuse and the horrors of child abuse committed and covered up by certain members of the Catholic clergy,

but the circulation of The Franklin Cover-Up throughout the United States has brought many new cases to my doorstep.

And, one after another. I have become involved as an attorney on one side or the other in these startling cases-from Columbine to the Oklahoma Bombing;

from MY first-of-its-kind lawsuit against any Catholic Diocese for covering up child abuse by priests to today, when it seems every day brings a new revelation about the abuse and use of children by clergy.

What I was condemned for saying 15 years ago, when the first edition of The Franklin Cover-Up first came out, is now shouted from the rafters of the churches and POLITICAL HALLS across the United States.

 AND THE ABUSES ARE BEING CORRECTED. When this book first came out, it was the first to open the ugly side of many of this issues-and I was certainly condemned by many for doing so.

I was so threatened because of that first book that I had to move my entire family to a small town of 300 people, Clatonia, Nebraska, where I felt I had more security and neighbors to help watch out for and protect my children. That move has worked out fine for me. And my children are the greatest ever.

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