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The History of Palestine pdf download

Book Title The History Of Palestine
Book AuthorFawzy Al-Ghadiry
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The History of Palestine


Book Contents

  • Preface 3
  • History of the Arabic Region 13
  • Controlling The Arabic Region And The Emergence of Colonies15
  • Palestine and the Historical Truth 16
  • Prehistoric Palestine 16
  • The Ancient Stone Age 16
  • 8000 – 17000BC: Shifting from Gathering to Production 17
  • 4000 – 8000BC: appearance of agricultural communities17
  • 2000 – 4000BC: The Closing of the Fourth millennium before Christianity 17
  • Semites 17
  • Canaanites 18
  • 2000BC – 1200 BC18
  • 550 – 1200BC: Era of Kingdoms (Iron Age):19
  • Israeli People: 19
  • The Persian Empire 20
  • 550BC – 330 BC: the Persian Empire and the Era of Alexander the Great20
  • 330BC – 63 BC 21
  • The Roman Empire21
  • 63BC – 636 AD 21
  • The Rise of Christianity22
  • The Islamic Arabic Conquest 22
  • Palestine During the Era of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs23
  • The Era of the Umayyad Caliphs 23
  • The Era of the Abbasid Caliphate 24
  • The Tulunid State 24
  • The Ikhshidid Rule 24
  • The Fatimids25
  • The Seljuk State25
  • Europeans 25
  • The Second Crusades (1146-1149 AD)26
  • The Ayyubid Dynasty27
  • Third Crusade 27
  • Mamluks 28
  • The Ottoman Era 28
  • Napoleon Bonaparte expedition (1798 – 1801):29
  • Muhammad Ali’s Campaign 30
  • The Zionist Settlement in Palestine 31
  • British Mandate 32
  • The pre-British Mandate period 32
  • The British Mandate in Palestine: 1923-1948 32
  • Sheikh Eiz Al-Din Al-Qasam Revolution 34
  • The Great 1936 Revolution and the Division Project35
  • The Division Project36
  • The Division Resolution:38
  • Jewish emigration to Palestine 43
  • Immigration after the Creation of Israel 1948-1967:49
  • Expulsion of the Palestinians from their Homes 54
  • The Most Important International Resolutions Concerning Palestine60

 Book’s Preface

The fifteenth of May 2006 marked the fifty eighth anniversary of the catastrophe, which has brought about the worst calamity that could befall a nation in the whole history, namely the tragedy of the Palestinian people.

Fifty years, during which Israel has implemented its plots and schemes to force itself as a reality in the region, where it worked on embedding its institutions on the Arabic lands and building settlements for the Jewish immigrants there.

To achieve this, it has usurped the Arabic lands, forcing out the Palestinians from their home and uprooting them from their own lands.

Despite all this the Palestinian preserved his entity and instilled patriotism deep in his sons’ hearts, passing on the flag of the nation from the elder, whom the enemies wanted him to perish, to the youngster, whom they wanted him to sink into oblivion.

Such flag together with devotion and love to one’s homeland remained alive, purified and kneaded with the martyrs’ blood.

This Palestinian will always stand firm before all the sufferings, pains, massacres, conspiracies, he will always come out stronger, because he is the Palestinian.

This study of the History of Palestine stresses on the right of every human being to return back to his homeland, and to stress that the right of return and ownership of lands and homes is an eternal,

individual and collective right that no occupation, state, treaty, agreement can gainsay, as every occupation no matter how long it lasts, and no matter how strong it is, is doomed to extinction.

The study tackles the history of Palestine since the dawn of history till our contemporary time, it is a part of a large book entitled “Connecting Voices”, written by a young Tunisian author and writer called Fawzy Al-Ghadiry.

The goal of the book is to identify the religion of Islam in a simple and easy to understand way, also and more important acquaint the reader with many facts about the Middle East, such facts that reach them distorted and twisted, due to Zionist meddling that alters and forges incidents.

The aim of this book is to inform the westerns of the truth about what is happening in the Middle East. In addition to conveying the point of view of the Arab and Muslims to them, directly and without the interception of the scissors of the Zionist censor.

On that basis, the book is divided into 11 chapters, each of which tackles the most important issues that the American and all the westerns should know. But this great and crucial book is faced with a financing problem and in need of all the support to help publishing it as soon as possible.

It is very important and essential for the occidental native and especially the American one to learn about some facts that he might have never come across before .

Facts about the history of the Middle East, which is the epicenter of tension in the world.

 For undoubtedly the conflict in Palestine is the reason behind many problems around the world, starting from what has come to be known as terrorism, to the deepened hostility towards America, and the tension of relationships among countries, all this threatens of a flare-up in these relationships that no one can predict its repercussions.

 Thus it is rendered a necessity for the American citizen to know why such conflict in the Middle East originated between what is known as Israel on one part and the rest of the Arabic world, on top of which is Palestine on the other part.

 One can never know full well the reasons behind such conflict, unless by delving deep into the history of the region, in order to unveil the truth of the real proprietor of this land, are they the Jews, who believe to be God’s chosen nation, and that He has promised it to them, or they are rather the Palestinians after whom the land is named?

 Let us first shed light on the information, which the Americans hold concerning the history of Palestine, through studying their stances, then we will probe into the history of the region for thousands of years back till our contemporary time.

Let us first have a look on the opinion of the first witness, who is an American lady, 50 years old, called Clara:

” Same as I understand about Islam: secular history but dating back to the 1890’s unlike a lot of my American contemporaries which don’t go further back than the U.N. creation of Israel.

 I’m aware, for instance, of the Balfour Declaration and Theodor Herzl’s “Judenstadt” article and all the implications that went with those. “

As for the second witness, who is an electric engineer, whom I gave him a nickname George, he said:

“I know that out of WWII the UN basically declared the area of present day Israel to become a new state for the Israelis all over the world displaced by the holocaust.

The genocide committed on the Israelis helped fuel political support for this and was done without proper regard for who already lived there, the Palestinians.

 I know this created problems but Israel made it much worse in 1969 (I believe) with the 6 Day War (or was that the conflict with Egypt) by expanding their territory beyond what the US mandated.

 I believe that the UN’s initial action was possibly not legal and that the expansionist attitude of Israel, while effective in improving their security with regards to Egypt, was also an attempt to gain more land for themselves.

 I have been taught all my life by my father that creating the state of Israel was probably a mistake. “

As for the third witness “Kazy Experimental” he said:

That depends on what you consider the truth. There are revisionist historians that claim their views as fact. I understand that Palestine has never officially been a sovereign nation. They are the remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

 I understand that the British had a hand in the creation of Israel in that they occupied in what is now the nation of Israel. I understand that there is violence on both sides of the conflict, neither side more justified than the other. Since the U.S. backed the creation of Israel, and is an ally, we have the responsibility to ensure that they survive.

 I feel that the conflict can be solved with diplomacy if Yassir and the Israeli parliament are replaced with people willing to negotiate fairly.

One of the obstacles I see for Israel is that there are so many groups to negotiate with, each having their own demands. If an agreement is made with one organization there is no protection from the others”.

The answer of the fourth witness Peter was as follows:

“Being a Jew and going to a largely Jewish school, what I have learned from school is heavily slanted.

But what I do know is that both the Jews and the Palestinians were promised the land by the British and when the British went to hand over the area it was split between the Jews and the Palestinians.

The Israelis then in I believe it was the Six day war took over the area that was biblical Israel”.

As for the fifth witness “James”, he said:

“As for the Arab-Israeli wars, I know the Arabs started each fight and the Israeli army won each time.

 I know that any occupied territory the Israeli government holds was originally occupied when they won an earlier war started by the Arabs”.

The sixth witness “Jacob” – a Canadian youth – sees the following:

“ “According to the Bible the Philistines were first in the area known a Palestine and then the Israelites took it over from the “pagans”.

As for Lisly, her answer on the question of what you know about the history of Palestine, is formed of one word that is more sufficient than tens of pages, as she said:


Let us now move on to commenting on the stances of those youngsters, who have expressed their views with ultimate freedom, and let us tackle the first witness, who was Mrs. Clara, as she says that she knows about the Palestinian history more than most of the rest of the Americans,

who suffice to know the events that occurred since the United Nations was established, while her knowledge goes back to the year 1890.

Concerning such point I would like to point out that Mrs. Clara has admitted the Americans’ ignorance of the history of the Arabic region, for most of the Americans are ignorant of the events that took place prior to the establishment of Israel, as if this place had no history before this period, or that there was no inhabitant in this land before the establishment of Israel on it.

Even Mrs. Clara herself, her knowledge about this territory is considered limited, as Palestine contains the oldest city that was ever erected on earth, which is “Ariha” that was built more than 7000 years ago.

What draws our attention is that for most of the Americans, the start of Palestine history is marked by the Israeli presence!! Actually this reflects how far the Israeli version of events affects the American nation.

For Israelis do not want the world to look back at the history of the Middle East prior to the establishment of their entity, they want them to suffice by looking into the historical period that extends since the proclamation of their state till the present time, and they have succeeded in doing so.

The history of Palestine extends thousands of years ago, and not just since the establishment of the United Nation or since the year 1890, this chapter is designated to unveil this obscured history.

Mrs. Clara has pointed out to Balfour Declaration, by virtue of which Britain had granted Palestine to the Jews, so that they would proclaim their state over it, we will expatiate on this declaration,

 in order for the Americans and the whole world to know how the Arab-Israel conflict has erupted in the Middle East, and how the British occupation had lavished the land of Palestine upon the Jews in a cold blooded way, and without the least consideration to the real owners of the land.

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