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The Image of An Ottoman City pdf download

  • Book Title:
 The Image Of An Ottoman City
  • Book Author:
Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh
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The Image of An Ottoman City

Imperial Architecture and Urban Experience in Aleppo In The 16th And 17th Centuries By Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh


Istanbul Turkey 2020
View of Sultniyya, from Matrâkçî Nasûh, Mejmüa-i Menâzil, Istanbul, 1537-8. Istanbul, University Library, Ms. 5964,

Book contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Abbreviations and Frequently Cited Sources
  • Note on Dates and Transliteration
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One Introduction  
  • Situating Aleppo  
  • Imperial Architecture in the Center and the Periphery  
  • Patronage and the Production of Space  
  • Trends in Previous Scholarship  
  • Sources and Method  
  • Ottomanization and the Layering of Cities  
  • Chapter Two The Aleppine Context  
  • The Late Mamlùk City  
  • The First Ottoman Signs  
  • The Character of Architectural Patronage  
  • Earliest Ottoman Endowments  
  • The Urban Development of the Sixteenth Century  
  • Trade and the Rise of Aleppo  
  • Chapter Three The Construction of a Monumental
  • Corridor: The Great Complexes of the Sixteenth Century  
  • The Khusruwiyya Complex   Date and Architect  Form  
  • Spatial Order  
  • Patron  
  • Functions  
  • The ‘Àdiliyya Complex  
  • Date and Patron  
  • Urban Context  
  • Functions  
  • Form and Siting of the Mosque  
  • The Bahràmiyya Complex  
  • Patron  
  • Urban Context  
  • Mosque  
  • Revenue-Producing Buildings  
  • Functions  
  • The Complex of the Khàn al-Gumruk  
  • Patron  
  • Endowment  
  • Urban Impact  
  • Khàn al-Gumruk  
  • Significance of the Endowment  
  • Waqf of Nishânjî Me˙med Pasha  
  • Waqf of Mûytâb Zâde A˙med Pasha  
  • Chapter Four The Decentering of Patronage: Dervish
  • Lodges and Endowments of the Seventeenth Century  
  • Ottoman Reuse of Sufi Sites  
  • Takiyya Mawlawiyya  
  • Takiyya of Shaykh Abù Bakr  
  • From Antinomianism to Normative Sufism  
  • Patrons and Building Process  
  • Architecture and Urban Context  
  • Takiyya Ikhlàßiyya  
  • Takiyya of Aßlàn Dada  
  • The Waqf of (pshîr Pasha  
  • Khàn ˇùmàn  
  • The Complex in Judayda  
  • Chapter Five The Ottomanization of the Past  
  • Ottoman Patronage and Ceremonial in the Monumental
  • Corridor  
  • The Ottomanization of the Great Mosque of Aleppo  
  • The Ottomanization of al-Madrasa al-Óallàwiyya  
  • Expressing Ottoman Hegemony  
  • The Khàn al-Wazìr  Patron  
  • Architecture  
  • Urban Context  
  • The Ottomanization of Mamlùk Motifs  
  • contents ix
  • Chapter Six The Image of an Ottoman City  
  • Texts Produced in Aleppo  
  • Texts Produced at the Imperial Capital  
  • Matrâkçî Nasûh’s Portrait of Aleppo  
  • Evliyâ Çelebî’s Seyâ˙atnâme  
  • Chapter Seven Epilogue  
  • Glossary  
  • Illustration Credits  
  • Illustrations
  • Bibliography  
  • Index  

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