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The Miracle of Miracles al-Quran pdf download

Book Title The Miracle Of Miracles
Book AuthorAhmed Deedat
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The miracle of miracles



From the Book: I think it is necessary that we have a clear picture of what we mean by a miracle. Here are some definitions:-

“An event that appears so inexplicable by the laws of nature, that it is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God.”

“A person, thing or event that excites admiring awe.” “An act beyond human power, an impossibility.”

It is logical that greater the impossibility, greater the miracle.

For example, should a person expire before our very eyes and is certified dead by a qualified medical man, yet later on a mystic or a saint commands the corpse to ‘arise!’, and to everybody’s astonishment the person gets up and walks away, we would label that as a miracle.

But if the resurrection of the dead took place after the corpse had been in the mortuary for three days, then we would acclaim this as a greater miracle.

 And if the dead was made to arise from the grave, decades or centuries after the body had decomposed and rotted away, then in that case we would label it the greatest miracle of them all!


It has been a common trait of mankind since time immemorial that whenever a Guide from God appeared to redirect their steps into the Will and Plan of God; they demanded supernatural proofs from these men of God, instead of accepting the Message on its merit.

For example, when Jesus Christ (pbuh) began to preach to his people –

“The Children of Israel” – to mend their ways and to refrain from mere legalistic formalism and imbibe the true spirit of the Laws and Commandments of God, his “people” demanded Miracles from him to prove his bona fides,3 as recorded in the Christian Scriptures:

Then certain of the scribes and the Pharisees answered, saying Master, we would have a SIGN (Miracle) from thee. But he answered and said unto them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a SIGN (Miracle) and there shall no SIGN (Miracle) be given to it, But the SIGN (Miracle) of the Prophet Jonas: 4 (Emphasis added) Matthew 12:38-39 (Holy Bible)

Though on the face of it, Jesus (pbuh) refuses to pamper the Jews here, in actual fact, he did perform many miracles as we learn from the Gospel narratives.

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