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The Muslim Prayer book How to Pray.pdf download

The Muslim Prayer book How to Pray
Book TitleThe Muslim Prayer Book How To Pray
Book AuthorFaisal Fahim
Total Pages236
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The Muslim Prayer book How to Pray Step-by-Step and the Rewards of Islamic prayers by Mr.Faisal Fahim, Scholar Imam Zakir

About the Book

This book has the pictures of all the positions of performing the prayer.There has been an urgent need for a simple and concise guide which teaches the basics of prayer for Muslims.

This book has been designed for people who don’t know how to pray yet or those who aren’t sure whether they learned correctly or not. In this book you will learn the prayers by reading clear and simple descriptions of what to do.

The 5 times 5 prayers rewards are equel to 50 prayers: ‘ Then fifty prayers were enjoined on me. I descended till I met Moses who asked me, ‘What have you done?’ I said, ‘Fifty prayers have been enjoined on me.’

He said, ‘I know the people better than you, because I had the hardest experience to bring Bani Israel to obedience. Your followers cannot put up with such obligation. So, return to your Lord and request Him (to reduce the number of prayers.’

I returned and requested Allah (for reduction) and He made it forty.

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