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The New Muslim Book of The Fundamentals of Islam pdf

📘 Book Title The New Muslim Book Of The Fundamentals Of Islam
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The new Muslim book of the fundamentals of Islam


Book Contents

• Dedicated to
• Foreword
• Welcome to the Religion of Islam
• Basics of Faith
• Belief in one God:
• Faith in the Existence of Angels:
• Faith in Prophets:
• Faith in Revealed Scriptures:
• Faith in the Last Day:
• Faith in Qadha and Qadar:
• Fundamentals of Islam
• Believing in the oneness of God and that Prophet Mohammed is His final prophet:
• Performing Prayer:
• Zakat-offering:
• Performing Fasting:
• Performing Haj:
• Epilogue


Allah’s will (Be done)! There is no power But with Allah, the Almighty, praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, and PBU the Prophet Mohammed, on his progeny and all of his companions.
Quran states: “When comes the help of Allah, And you see that the people enter Allah’s religion (Islam) in crowds, So glorify the praise of your Lord, And ask for His forgiveness, verily, He is the One Who accepts the repentance and forgives.”[110:1-3]
Dear reader, the aim of writing this small book is a unique one.

It has been observed that the bookshelves which contain books for new Muslims possess many publications which deal with the fundamentals and basics of Islam.
No doubt these books are well-written and present the facts related to the basics of Islam elaborately and extensively.
However, very few publications have dealt with the significance of the fundamentals of Islam.

This small book attempts to present not only the fundamentals of Islam but also the significance of each pillar of Islam. It tries to highlight the basics of Islam and clothe them with their practical utility not only to the individual Muslim but also to the society as a whole.
It avoids presenting the fundamentals of Islam as just rituals like those of other faiths but lays emphasis on depicting their practical implications and relatedness to the basic needs of human society.
However, the writer admits that the book has not ventured into the minute details of the basics and fundamentals of Islam, rather, it concentrates on their significance.

The writer feels that the new embracer of Islam is in real need of such unique information that satisfies him and forms a foundation for developing his Islamic intellect by further readings.
The writer expresses his high sense of gratitude to all those who contributed to the publication of this Islamic material. May Allah, the Almighty, accept and add it to the deposit of their virtuous deeds and manifold His blessings for them.
Finally, we pray to Allah, the Almighty, to increase our Islamic knowledge and help us to devote it to the service of Islam. Dr. Abdel Rahman M. Yeddi Elnoor

Welcome to the Religion of Islam

My dear brother/sister: Welcome to the religion of Islam. Welcome to the religion that provides the person who believes in it and practices it as a method of life with an inner sense of security and spiritual satisfaction.
In fact, if we become true to ourselves, get rid of all prejudices and look at ourselves and observe our surroundings, we will find that the personal defects nursed by people and the problems which exist around us, can be cured and solved only by the glorious teachings of Islam.
Therefore, you are really blessed because, by embracing Islam, you have realized the true Faith, come to, and enjoyed as well, the sublime vision and reached the shore of salvation.
We congratulate you and hope that you achieve a steady progress in acquiring the details of the teachings of Islam by further readings.
In this short note on Islam, we would like to introduce you to the basic pillars of faith and the fundamentals of Islam and their significance which are the foundation on which your further knowledge and practices of Islam may rest.

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