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THE NEW WORLD ORDER pdf download

Book Title The New World Order
Book AuthorH G Wells, Thomas Huxley
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The New World Order


Whether it is attainable, how it can be attained, and what sort of world a world at peace will have to be

He says:

In this small book, I want to set down as compactly, clearly, and usefully as possible the gist of what I have learned about war and peace in the course of my life.

 I am not going to write peace propaganda here. I am going to strip down certain general ideas and realities of primary importance to their framework, and so prepare a nucleus of useful knowledge for those who have to go on with this business of making world peace.

 I am not going to persuade people to say “Yes, yes” for world peace;

 already we have had far too much abolition of war by making declarations and signing resolutions; everybody wants peace or pretends to want peace, and there is no need to add even a sentence more to the vast volume of such ineffective stuff.

I am simply attempting to state the things we must do and the price we must pay for world peace if we intend to achieve it.

Until the Great War, the First World War, I did not bother very much about war and peace.

Since then, I have almost specialized in this problem. It is not very easy to recall former states of mind out of which, day by day and year by year, one has grown, but I think that in the decades before 1914 not only I but most of my generation—in the British Empire, America,

France and indeed throughout most of the civilized world—thought that war was dying out. So, it seemed to us. It was an agreeable and therefore a readily acceptable idea.

We imagined the Franco-German War of 1870-71 and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 were the final conflicts between Great Powers, that now there was a Balance of Power sufficiently stable to make further major warfare impracticable.

A Triple Alliance faced a Dual Alliance and neither had much reason for attacking the other.

We believed war was shrinking to mere expeditionary affairs on the outskirts of our civilization, a sort of frontier police business. Habits of tolerant ~ intercourse, it seemed, were being strengthened every year that the peace of the Powers remained unbroken.

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