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The Poem Of The Mantle – Qasidat al-Burdah pdf download

📘 Book Title The Poem Of The Mantle
👤 Book AuthorAL-BUSAIRI, Mohiuddin Qadri
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Poem Of The Mantle – Collected by Syed Mohiuddin Qadri – Anthology of Arabic poems About the Prophet and the faith of Islamic Containing the famous poem of Sharfuddin Abi Abdullah Mohammed al-Busiri

Qasidat al-Burdah


Love for Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam is the perfection of our lman. This love can only be achieved if we know and understand of the perfections and exalted status of Sayidina Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam in the sight of Allah Ta’alaa. This translation and commentary of the Qasidat al-Burdah, highlights the lofty status and perfections of Sayidina Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam.

The infinite value and greatness of the Qasidat al-Burdah in creating an attachment with Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam may best be described in the words of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad IIyaas Rahmatullah Alayhi in his parting advice to Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Rahmatullah Alayh at the time of his death:

“Ulema should read the Qasidat al-Burdah and the Shiyamul-Habeeb with respect and honour, otherwise without respect and longing, it will be of no use. From reading….. the Qasidat al-Burdah attachment (with Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam ) is established.”

A word of advice to the honored reader. We are admittedly aware of our shortcomings and humbly beg that you overlook all errors, which are certainly unintentional.

May Allah Ta’alaa accept the effort and grant abundant reward to all who have assisted in the publication of this book, whether by personal effort, financially or in any other way. May Allah make this a means granting us true love for His Beloved Rasul Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam and his Sunnat, and bless with His Divine Love and Nearness.


Book Preface

The main objective of bringing this Anthology of Arabic and Urdu poems on Islam and its illustrious Preacher Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, is to place them within the reach of such English-speaking people as take a keen interest in the faith of Islam and its propagation, so as to enable them to see how Arabic poetry represents and depicts the character of the noble Founder of Islam.

With this end in view an English translation, simple and faithful to the original is given, with footnotes explaining in full all allusions to historical facts and events in the life of the holy Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, and all references to the Quran and the Traditions.

At the same time, the interests of such readers as read the poem with a view to study the Arabic language for the sake of study has not been neglected, and in order to effect this end a literal version is given in the notes where the idiom and the construction of the English language make it imperative to make departure from a close version.

After making all due allowances for the play of imagination, on which Poetry mainly depends for its excellence, and in which the Eastern poets indulge very freely, it will be easy enough to see that the representations and the pictures in these poems possess the rare feature of not exceeding the bounds of propriety and reason.

While the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is represented as the best and highest model of human perfection, short only of divinity, he is admitted to be, after all, but a man and a servant of God. All representations are well borne out by historical facts and are sustainable by reason, at least from the point of view of Islamic theology.

Thus in fact poetry here, unable to hold its own against the grandeur and sublimity of the subject, gives way to reality and facts and dwindles into a simple narrative.

The book contains one of the noblest poems in the Arabic literature of the Post-Islamic time and one that gives a very faithful picture of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. It has; besides, the rare advantage that its images, similes and sentiments are such as will not fail to command the appreciation of Western readers of the present time.

The book also contains such poems as were composed and recited in the defense and the support of Islam, at its very outset, by such persons as were well known for their high position, the integrity of character, vast knowledge, and sound judgment.

They go far to prove clearly that Islam was never based on violence, force or use of the sword, but was only a form of the religion founded on solid reason and pure morality, and quite in unison with the doctrines of God, previously preached by Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and merely remodeled now according to the wants of the time.

Thus they give a strong rebuff to those Orientalists who have so assiduously made futile attempts to diminish the merits of the faith of Islam by their misleading representations.

I must here admit my conscious incapacity for so high and undertaking, to which due justice can be done only by higher abilities. But I have an ample excuse in the fact that the cause of Islam has equal claims to the best services of all whether small or great, in proportion to their abilities. It only remains for me now to appeal to the liberal judgment of my readers who, bearing in mind the difficulties that are likely to beset the course of one in my present position, will, I hope, never grudge me the favor of overlooking any shortcomings in the work.

 I will, at the same time, be thankful to those who will take the trouble of pointing out any faults they may find in the translation and the notes.

My heartiest thanks are due to the gentlemen who have directly or indirectly helped so much with the publication of the work. I owe much to my father, Syed Jamalullah Qadri, President of Urdu Acadamy at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for his having first suggested and inspired the idea; and for his having revised the Arabic portion of the work. SYED MOHIUDDIN QADRI

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