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THE PURITY Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul-Kareem pdf download

THE PURITY Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul-Kareem
📘 Book Title The Purity 2
👤 Book AuthorAbdul Rahman Al-Sheha
🖨️ Total Pages58
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Purity by Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul-Kareem Al-Sheha Translated by Abu Hisham Reviewed by Osama Emara


Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Qualities of Purification
  • Purification From Tangible Impurities
  • What is Wudu’?
  • Full Description of Wudu’
  • Supererogatory Acts of Wudu’
  • Things That Invalidate Wudu’
  • Wudu’ is Recommended for the Following
  • Some Infractions During Wudu’
  • Some Verdicts on Wudu’
  • Wiping over Boots and the Like
  • The Area to be Wiped
  • Prerequisites for Wiping over Boots
  • Description of Wiping over Boots
  • Time Limit
  • Things that Terminate the Validity of Wiping
  • Major Ritual Purification (Ghusl)
  • Description of Complete Ritual Bath (Ghusl)
  • Satisfactory Ghusl
  • Cases in which Ghusl is Recommended
  • Taboos (Forbidden Acts) in Case of Janabah
  • (Major Ritual Impurity)
  • The Purity
  • Some Offences and Errors in the Ritual Bath (Ghusl)
  • Tayammum
  • Factors that Make Tayammum Permissible
  • Description of Tayammum
  • Things That Invalidate Tayammum
  • Notes
  • Some Verdicts On Tayammum
  • Wiping over Splints and Bandages
  • Some Verdicts on Wiping Over the Splints
  • How to Purify a Sick Man

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