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The Quran And The Just Society by Ramon Harvey

The Quran And The Just Society

For anyone interested in this aspect of the Qur’an, this monograph will be a valuable addition to the literature. It is clear, comprehensive, and well-argued throughout.

 If the book has one redeeming quality, and it does, it is Harvey’s thorough reading of the text and the many different sources of interpretation from which he draws; it is truly a feat of hermeneutic skill.

What is justice? How can it be realised within society? 

These are universal concerns and are central to the primary scripture of Islam, the Qur’an. Utilising a pioneering theological and hermeneutic framework adapted from both classical Muslim literature and contemporary academic studies of the Qur’an, Ramon Harvey explores the underlying principles of its system of social justice. 

Dividing his book into four parts, he covers Qur’anic Ethics, Political Justice (politics, peace, war), Distributive Justice (fair trade, alms, marriage, inheritance) and Corrective Justice (public and private crimes).

 His reading of the Qur’an reconstructs the text as normatively engaging these spheres of justice in their socio-historical context and lays the foundations for future contemporary articulations of Qur’anic ethics

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