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THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN pdf download

📘 Book Title The Rights Of Women
👤 Book AuthorHakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab
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The Rights of Women by Sheikh Shah Hakeem Akhtar


From the Book

Many people commented the following day that by listening to Hazratwala’s discourse, it became apparent to them that they had oppressed their spouses.

They had asked their wives for forgiveness the moment they returned home and promised not to oppress them in the future.

The principal of a Darul Uloom told Hazratwala during a conversation on the phone that he asked his wife to forgive him for whatever rights of hers he had not fulfilled and he gave her whatever money he had in his pocket.

He promised to give her a monthly allowance for which he would not take account of.

He was thankful for having brought this fact to the attention of everyone giving monthly a fixed amount to the wife without taking any account of.

This is the right of the wife which Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Thanwi ( JtJilzZ/) had encouraged. He said that the people had been greatly cautioned regarding the rights of the wife. May Allah Ta’ala grant us steadfastness.

Many other Ulama have also made similar comments concerning this issue. After some time an interesting incident took place.

A person who always troubled his wife, asked her for forgivness when he decided to undertake a religious journey.

His wife became perturbed, telephoned Moulana Abdul Hameed’s wife and told

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