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The sacred path to Islam, understanding Islam Made Easy by Sincere Seeker Collection
Book Title The Sacred Path To Islam
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The sacred path to Islam, understanding Islam Made Easy by Sincere Seeker Collection


This message invites readers to think freely and broaden their minds; to contemplate and seek their own truth.

 This passage advises people, never to blindly follow any religion without first reflecting upon the faith in question and reasoning its true meaning.

This passage encourages readers to think about, reflect upon, and understand their own collection of spiritual beliefs. Beyond all manner of faith and feeling, one must use their intellect to discover the truth behind all faiths.

This passage is intended to draw and empower the sincere seeker of truth; the one that questions, reflects and ponders his or her life’s purpose and questions his/her future and direction. Islam, for example, is one faith that is misunderstood and misrepresented by many.

Before one forms an opinion of Islam, one should question the thoroughness and truthfulness of his or her existing knowledge of this controversial religion. Has this knowledge been drawn from and formed through third-party sources that are non-Muslim in origin? Has this information been obtained through the popular media?

 In fairness to the religion and to one’s self, one’s opinion of Islam should be formed only after a careful study of the religion’s original and primary sources: The Holy Quran and the teachings of humanity’s final Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him.

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • About This Book & Vision About Me
  • Religion of Islam
  • God (Allah)
  • Holy Quran
  • Messengers & Prophets of God
  • Past Nations
  • Muslims & Non-Muslims
  • Prophet Muhammad
  • Purpose of Life
  • Hadith & Sunnah
  • Articles of Faith
  • Oneness of God
  • Angels
  • God’s Scriptures
  • Prophets & Messengers
  • Belief in the Last Day, Resurrection, & Judgement Day
  • Belief in Al-Qadar (Pre-Ordainment or Predestination)
  • 5 Pillars of Islam
  • Declaration of Faith
  • Ritualized Islamic Prayer
  • Zakat (Giving Alms to the Poor & Needy)
  • Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)
  • Shirk in Islam
  • Jihad in Islam
  • Hellfire According to Islam
  • Jannah (Paradise) According to Islam
  • Jesus Christ in Islam
  • Hijab
  • Converting to Islam

Book Description

In this book, the author endeavors to uncover the true Message and Wisdom of Islam, catering to those in search of a deeper connection with their Creator. Geared towards individuals exploring God and Truth, new converts, as well as practicing and non-practicing Muslims, the author shares their awe at the Holy Quran’s unique style, form, and profound spiritual impact. The book aims to resonate with readers by addressing contemporary concerns, including doctrine, wisdom, worship, law, transactions, and more.

As the author delved into the Holy Quran, they found answers to life’s questions and a profound sense of self-discovery. The book reflects their fascination with the Quran’s structure, power, cohesiveness, and spiritual elevation. The journey through Islam, as depicted in the book, brought the author closer to God and kindled a deep love for Him. The author seeks to introduce Islam in an engaging, authentic, academic, and spiritual manner, inspiring readers to lead morally, intellectually, and spiritually fulfilling lives.

Motivated by a desire to please the Almighty, the author aims to alleviate the inner emptiness and spiritual disconnection experienced by many. The book underscores the idea that true happiness stems from genuine faith in God, leading to worship and service to Him alone. It aims to connect people with the Holy Quran, portraying it as a transformative force that changes individuals from within, offering intellectual wisdom and spiritual elevation.

The primary goal is to help individuals discover the Wisdom, Inspiration, and Beauty in Islam and The Holy Quran. The author contends that Islam is often misunderstood as a set of rigid rules, and the book strives to dispel this notion. Instead, it emphasizes that Islam is imbued with wisdom, love, and mercy.

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