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The secret language of relationships: your complete personology guide to any relationship with anyone


Keys to a Good and Lasting Relationship When a relationship between individual A and individual B is discussed, do we mean the dynamic that goes on in private between these two individuals or the relationship unit AB, which interacts with the world around it?

 Of course, the relationship AB is present in public or private, but the degree to which A and B identify with it, and give up their identities to become it, is of utmost importance.

 There are no hard and fast rules for such surrender to the relationship. In some cases, or at certain times in the life of a relationship, it will be necessary for A or B to pull back and affirm his or her identity once more, perhaps even to the point of setting out once again on his or her path.

 However, peak experiences between two people are only really possible through surrender—that is, giving up a good measure of individual ego in service of the relationship, AB.

 Each person will get something back that is much more valuable. A few additional guidelines follow:

  • Listen to what your partner is saying.
  • Truly share. Solely giving or taking is not the answer, but only a combination of the two in equal measure.
  • Give unconditionally. To give while expecting a return or certain results is the same as paying for something.
  • Kindness, understanding, trust, and consideration are worth more than all the selfish pleasure you can gain. If you are in it only for what you can get, forget about the meaning fure relationships.

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