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THE STUDY QURAN pdf download

📘 Book Title The Study Quran 2
👤 Book AuthorSeyyed Hossein Nasr
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The Study Quran


The Quran is for Muslims the verbatim Word of God revealed during the twenty-three-year period of the prophetic mission of the Prophet Muhammad through the agency of the Archangel Gabriel (Jibril or Jabrail).

The meaning, the language, and every word and letter in the Quran, its sound when recited, and its text written upon various physical surfaces are all considered sacred.

 The Quran was an oral revelation in Arabic first heard by the Prophet and later written down in the Arabic alphabet in a book consisting of 114 surahs (chapters) and over 6,200 verses (ayat), arranged according to an order that was also revealed.

Considered the Book (al-Kitab) by all Muslims, it has many names, such as al-Furqan (“the Criterion”) and al-Huda (“the Guide”), but its most commonly used name is al-Quran, which means “the Recitation.”

 In the same way that Christians refer to their sacred scripture as the Holy Bible, Muslims usually refer to theirs as al-Quran al-Majid (“the Glorious Quran”; 50:1; 85:21) or al-Quran al-Karim (“the Noble Quran”; 56:77).

Known in English as the Quran (also Koran), it is the central theophany of Islam and the basic source and root of all that is authentically Islamic, from metaphysics, angelology, and cosmology to law and ethics, from the various arts and sciences to social structures, economics, and even political thought.

 The Quran is the constant companion of Muslims in the journey of life. Its verses are the first sounds recited into the ear of the newborn child. It is recited during the marriage ceremony, and its verses are usually the last words that a Muslim hears upon the approach of death.

In traditional Islamic society, the sound of the recitation of the Quran was ubiquitous, and it determined the space in which men and women lived their daily lives; this is still true to a large extent in many places even today.

As for the Quran as a book, it is found in nearly

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