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The Way to Happiness pdf download

Book Title The Way To Happiness
Book AuthorGhalib Ahmad
Total Pages110
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The Way to Happiness


Book Contents

  • Introduction                                           
  • Definition of Happiness                        
  • Sources of Happiness                            
  • Happiness in Wealth                             
  • Qarun                                                     
  • Christina Onassis                                  
  • Happiness in Rank and Position          
  • The Shah of Iran                                  
  • Ferdinand Marcos                                
  • Jean Bedel Bokassa                              
  • Nicolae Ceausescu                                
  • Rajiv Gandhi                                         
  • Educational Achievements                   
  • Happiness in Fame                               
  • Sporting                                                  
  • Acting                                                    
  • Two Articles (Excerpts)                        
  • Barriers to Real Happiness                 
  • . Disbelief in Allah and Lack of True 
  • Faith
  • Sin and Crime
  • Envy and Jealousy
  • Ill-will
  • Anger                                                          
  • Injustice                                                      
  • Fear of Worldly Power                              
  • Pessimism                                                   
  • Suspicion                                                    
  • Arrogance                                                   
  • Devotion to other than Allah                    
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Drug Addiction        
  • Landmarks on the Way to Happy Life           
  • (Factors and Pre-requisites of Happiness)
  • Sound Belief                                              
  • Worship and Devotion to Allah               
  • Remembrance of Allah                              
  • Goodness and Kindness to Others           
  • Renunciation of Too-Long Term             
  • Hopes and Griefs of the Past
  • Forgetting About People with                   
  • Higher Standard of Living
  • Building of Better Understanding             
  • of Things and Getting Rid of Misconc- eptions and Superstitions
  • Achieving Harmony within                       
  • Oneself and with the Outward World
  • Good Health, Time, Affluence and           
  • Sound Reasoning
  • Social Solidarity                                        
  • Stability of the Human Personality           
  • The Feeling of Peace and Security
  • Repentance
  • Leaming and Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Selection of Friends
  • Strong Will and Self-Confidence
  • Being on Good Terms with Family, Friends and Colleagues

The Eternal Life after Death:

The Life after death is a demonstration of Divine Justice. That day is a must for the achievement of retributive justice and settlement

of all injustices and outstanding accounts, and at the same time for the generous reward of good acts. Since we believe that Allah is the One and Only God with perfect attributes, it would be illogical to entertain the notion that He will leave justice unfulfilled.

This life – so full of wrongs, crimes, inconveniences, good deeds unrewarded, and many human affairs unsettled – is in fact just an introductory chapter which prepares for the book of eternal life in which justice is restored and a person meets with his (or her) just deserts.

The wrong-doers who have persisted in their sins and wrong-doing and failed to repent and give up sound conduct will go to endless punishment in Hell. While those with good records and righteous deed,s will receive generous reward and attain real and eternal happiness in the Heaven

of Allah, in Paradise or the Garden of Eden. That is the abode of perfect bliss, which deserves to be sincerely and industriously sought by man.

There may be some difficulties and handicaps on the road to this exalted goal of wise and faithful people, as stated by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) that “Hell is surrounded with whims and waton desires, while the Garden is surrounded with hardships.”

Such hardships will serve as a test of man’s goodly nature and of his truthful insistence on the attain­ment of Allah’s pleasure and reward. A trader may spend sleepless nights and put up with arduous efforts in order to win a gainful deal.

However, the eternal life in the abode of happiness is the biggest deal which man has ever competed or striven to attain. But what is Paradise like? The answer can only be found in the word of Al­lah in His Glorious Qur’an or in the words of His

Gracious Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), who is the genuine Authority on the af­fairs of the seen and unseen in general and the Hereafter in particular, as he learnt about such re­alities through Revelation received from the All­knowing, All-aware, Absolute Allah. The

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