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Book Title The Wisdom Of Abu Haneefa
Book AuthorMaulana Ahmad Ali
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The Wisdom Of Abu Haneefa by Maulana Ahmad Ali


Abu Hanifa Nu’man bin Thabit, otherwise known as Imam Azam (the greatest Imam) was born in Kufa in 80 A.H.

 He had the good fortune of meeting one of the companions who conferred upon him the rank of Ta’biee, an honor not bestowed upon any one of the other three famous Imams. Abu Hanifa’s inventiveness, soundness, and originality are incomparable which is evident in his writings.

 His intelligence, intellectual reach, and breadth of learning were unique. It had always been my desire to demonstrate this and I believe through this booklet, Allah has given me the ability to do so.

 In it, I have translated stories attributed to him, which demonstrate he was a genius and because the books used were limited the reference to them is given here and not in the stories.

His Characteristics

 He was a scholar of Iraq and the foremost representative and exemplar of the school of juridical opinion (ra’y).

Coupled with his legal brilliance were his well-known piety and asceticism, and though he had wealth from several shops selling cloth, he devoted his fortune to helping students and researchers in fiqh. He shunned sleep at night and some called him the peg because of his perpetual standing for prayer, often reciting the entire Quran in his rak’ats.

He performed the Fajr salaah for forty years with the wudhu (ablution) made for c Isha salaah and would only sleep for a short while between Dhohar and ‘ Asr prayers.

By the end of his life, he had recited the Qur’an seven thousand times in the place where he died. He would never sit in the shade of a wall belonging to someone who owed him money, saying, “Every loan that brings benefit is usury”.

Qadhi Abu Yusuf said “Abu Hanifah was extremely pious, avoided forbidden things, and answered questions only

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