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Thirty Lessons for Those Who Fast pdf download

Book Title Thirty Lessons For Those Who Fast
Book Authoraaed ibn abdullah al qarni
Total Pages143
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Thirty Lessons for Those Who Fast by Aa’id Abdullah al Qarni

Thirty Lessons for Those Who Fast

This book is intended to serve three purposes:

First, to document its advice and words which soften the heart with verses from the Glorious Quran and the authentic hadiths. It does not contain a single weak hadith, bogus story or absurd tradition.

Second, through these lessons I also intended to sow the ers. My aim was not to highlight legal rulings or issues, as we are quite satisfied with the efforts of our eminent scholars who have enriched the Islamic libraries with their writings.

Truly, the field of juridical rulings is packed with scholastic contributions. We remain, however, in dire need of works relating to spirituality, basic morals and sublime calls. I trust that this effort will fulfil this demand.

Third, I have taken special care to clothe these lessons in the garments of attractive literature and present them with exquisite expression and eloquence.

Toward this end, we embraced the methodology of the Noble Quran and the pure prophetic traditions with their beautiful language so that the reader will find himself between a scrub and rivulet, garden and oasis, water and shade and drizzle and dew.

It was confirmed that when the Prophet Muhammad witnessed the new moon at the beginning of Ramadan he would say: ‘My Lord and your Lord is Allah, 0 crescent of goodness and guidance.0 my Lord! Let it dawn upon us with peace, submission, security and faith.’

Surely Ramadan is the noblest month and its days are the sweetest days. The righteous rebuke Ramadan because of the shortness of its visit and the length of its absence. For it comes after much longing and makes amends after separation. It is often greeted thus:

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