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Towards Understanding of Tadmuriyyah pdf

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 Towards Understanding Of Tadmuriyyah
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Towards Understanding of Tadmuriyyah by Shaykh-Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Explained by: Shaykh Salih Uthaymeen


Contents of the Book

  • Preface Introduction Tadmuriyyah
  • The Rationale behind Compilation of this Treatise
  • A Brief about Tawheed, as-Sifat, Shari’ah and al-Qadar
  • The Principle Concerning Oneness of Attributes and its Evidence Integration between Affirmation and Negation
  • Examples of Extensive Affirmation and Brief Negation The Similarity in Names and Attributes
  • Those who deviate from the Path of the Prophets Al-Mu’attilah and its Categories
  • Al-Mu’tazilah and their followers
  • The Extremist among Jahmiyyah, al-Qaramitah, al-Batiniyyah and Their followers
  • The Dangers incurred by these four Categories The Confusion of Thaeologists (Mutakallimun) and Philosophers
  • Conclusion
  • The First Principle
  • The Attributes that AllahHas Affirmed for Himself The Attributes that AllahHas Negated for Himself The Second Principle
  • The Third Principle
  • Interpreting Texts According to Their Literal Meaning Interpreting the Literal Meaning of the Texts Incorrectly The Fourth Principle
  • The Assumption of some people about the texts mentioning the Attributes of Allah and the dangers in it
  • The Fifth Principle
  • Our Knowledge about What Allah informed us about Himself
  • The Matter of Being is Unknown Conclusion
  • The Interpretation
  • Muhkam (Clarity/ Unambiguity) and Mutashabih (Ambiguity) Our Stance Regarding the Divergent Descriptions (Muhkam and Mutashabih) and How to reconcile between them Conclusion
  • Two Types ofTashabuh in the Qur’an The Sixth Principle
  • Guidelines for Affirming and Negating What is Possible and Impossible for Allah Anthropomorphism ” I”, Space ” I” Guidelines for Affirmation
  • The Obligation of Believing in al-Qadar and Shari’ah Two groups regarding the issue of Qadar and Shari’ah Shari’ah
  • Tawheed ar-Rububiyah Tawheed al-Uluhiyah Tawheed al-Asma was-Sifat
  • A False understanding of the majority of the philosophers regarding the categories of Tawheed
  • Pana’ (Perish) and its categories True Perfection of Islam
  • The believer is commanded to do righteous deeds and to avoid prohibited deeds (Evils)
  • People regarding Sharia’h and Qadar
  • Differentiation & Comparison among People of Innovation Glossary

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