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VITALS OF FAITH pdf download

Book Title Vitals Of Faith
Book AuthorSyed Abul Ala Maudoodi
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Vitals of Faith (Tauheed aur Risalat ka Aqli Suboot) by By Syed Abul A’la Maududi


The Judgement of Reason We see that hundreds of factories in big cities are operating with the power of electricity. Railways and trams are running.

With a dash, thousands of bulbs light up instantly.

 Fans revolve in every borne during the hot weather. These happenings of daily life do not excite feelings of wonder or amazement in us nor do we argue among ourselves as to why those things operate or light up. Why is it so?

It is because we can readily see the wires which transmit power to these bulbs.

 We know too something about the Power Station which supplies electricity through these wires.

 We are aware that this Power Station is operated by people. The engineer who supervises the working of dais staff is also familiar to us.

The engineer, we know, is trained in the science of producing electricity. He has several types of machines at his disposal.

 He operates these machines and produces that power whose, splendor is displayed in the effulgence of the electric light, the revolving of fans, the movement of railways and trams, and the running of mills and factories.

Hence the reason why we do not dispute the existence of electricity when we see it displayed before us is that the entire chain from the production to the use of electricity is part of our awareness and observation.

 Suppose these electric lights were on, the fans revolved, as usual, the railways and trams were running, the cables which transmit the power of electricity to them were hidden from our view. Suppose the Power Station was also beyond the orbit of our comprehension.

Suppose we were completely unaware of those who work in the Power House, nor did we know that there was an engineer who operated this Power House using his skill and specialized knowledge.

Would then we take the splendors of electricity for granted?

Would we not argue among ourselves about the sources and nature of these splendors?

There is no doubt that your answer to these questions will be `no’.

Why? It is because when the causes of manifest things are hidden when the sources of the apparent phenomenon are mysterious, it is quite natural that the hearts should be filled with wonder and curiosity, minds should turn to the exploration of this hidden mystery, and that people should enter into speculation and offer various explanations about the unknown phenomenon.

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