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WHAT SHOULD WE SAY? pdf download

What Should We Say? A Selection Of Prayers For Daily Use By A R Kidwai & F M D Oyen
Book Title What Should We Say
Book AuthorA R Kidwai
Total Pages21
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What Should We Say? A Selection of Prayers for Daily Use by A R Kidwai & F M D Oyen


Book Contents

  • Short Du‘a’ for all Occasions
  • What we should say:
  • When we get up
  • When we go to the toilet
  • When we leave the toilet
  • When we start doing wud’
  • When we complete wud2’
  • When we get dressed
  • When we look in the mirror
  • When we start eating
  • When we break our fast
  • If we forget Bismillah at the beginning of a meal
  • When we finish eating
  • When we start to recite the Holy Qur’an
  • When we leave the house
  • When we travel by car, bus or by other means of transport
  • When we hear the Adhan
  • When we enter a mosque
  • When we mention or hear the Prophet’s ¿£ name
  • When we leave a mosque
  • When we study
  • When we face a problem
  • When we are angry
  • When we visit someone who is sick
  • When we hear of someone’s death
  • When we pass by a graveyard
  • When we return home from a journey
  • When we go to bed
  • After a nightmare or an unpleasant dream
  • A prayer for all occasions
  • Prayers from the Holy Qur’àn for Everyday Use
  • Glossary of Islamic Terms

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