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WHEN LIFE BEGINS pdf download

📘 Book Title When Life Begins
👤 Book AuthorAbbas Abu Yahya
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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When Life Begins by Abu Yahya

Translated By Bashir Nazir, Abu Masroor, Fizza Rashid, Asma Khan Et Al.


Earth had become devoid of all its creases. Rivers and mountains, ditches and hills,

and oceans and forests, in essence, every depth and every height of this world had been demolished.

As far as the eye could see, Earth was a level plane and on top was a fire-spitting sky… however, the sky today was not blue, but it was a glowing red in colour.

This redness was not due to the blazing flames of the sun but was an effect of the flames that periodically leapt upwards from the Hell towards the sky; they were like open-mouthed serpents trying to take the sun into their fiery embrace.

This horrifying scene created by the leaping flames from Hell and the uproar from its blazing fires was making hearts tremble with fear.

These trembling hearts were the hearts of criminals. They were the hearts of the negligent, the arrogant, and the cruel; they were the hearts of murderers and the rebellious. They were the hearts of the world’s pharaohs and tyrants.

 They were the hearts of those who considered themselves gods and icons of their time. They were the hearts of people who lived in the world bygone as if they were immortal, albeit, when they died, they became as if they had never lived on the face of Earth.

They were the hearts of people who lived in God’s Kingdom and ignored him. They were the hearts of people who ruled like gods over the creations of God. They were hearts devoid of love for fellow human beings and of remembrance of God.

Hence, today was the day when these negligent hearts were to become fuel for the

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