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WORD OF GOD pdf download

📘 Book Title Word Of God
👤 Book AuthorTariq Hijazi
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Word Of God by Abu Tariq Hijazi


The Author’s Prayer

And when I have crossed the age of seventy

And my strength is decreasing sharply

And my teeth are giving away

And my eyes are growing dim

And my hairs are turned white

And my memory is getting blank

And my back is tending to bow

And I got heavy load of sins

And I have no power to pull.

I revert to Thee humbly

And I call Thee alone, in distress

Relieve me of my burden of sins

And taste me the sweetness of Thy Forgiveness

I have, though no claim for it, but

I have hope, an ardent hope, in Thy Mercy

0, My Lord! Thy forgiveness is larger than my sins

And Thy Mercy is more dependable

For me than my deeds, if any

This little work of mine

Is the sum of my life

I place it humbly

At the Thresh-hold of Thy Sacred Flouse

If there is any good in it

That is all from Thee alone

So accept it from me

And if there is no-good any

That is all from me alone

So forgive me

I dared to write about Thy Beloved

Prophet Mohammed, the Mercy of mankind

So be merciful to me and upon his Ummah

In the east of Thy Flouse and in the west

In the north of this Abode and in the south

0 the Lord of the Fleavens and the earth.

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