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zainabi kids magazine edition 5 pdf

zainabi kids magazine edition 5 - 1.78 - 24
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 zainabi kids magazine edition 5

Zainabi Kids Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 is all about color and rainbows, featuring a variety of activities, stories, and poems centered around these themes. The magazine starts with a colorful poem that invites readers to find all the colors in it. It also includes instructions on how to create a rainbow-colored piece of art using scrap paper, glue, and cotton.

The magazine introduces readers to three siblings, Zainab, Zaynab, and Zain, who share their interests and talents. Zainab loves writing and drawing and enjoys a good challenge, while Zain loves science, writing reports, and playing sports. The youngest, Zaynab, is a talented crafter, cook, and artist who loves animals and people alike.

One of the main stories in the magazine is about a girl named Maryam who struggles to come up with an idea for an art project. With the help of the natural beauty, she finds around her, such as red leaves, orange acorns, yellow dandelions, green clovers and grass, and purple and blue flowers, Maryam creates a shoebox art project that wins first place. But the real prize is the friendship she forms with a girl named Mina, who had previously been unkind to her.

The magazine also features fun activities to do on a rainy day, encouraging readers to embrace the rain rather than feeling down about it. Some of these activities include jumping in puddles, playing board games, doing a puzzle, baking cookies, and making homemade playdough.

Throughout the magazine, the authors celebrate the beauty of Allah’s creation in both the natural world and in the talents and passions of human beings. The magazine encourages readers to appreciate the small details in life and to share their talents and kindness with others.

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