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zainabi kids magazine edition 6 pdf

zainabi kids magazine edition 6 - 1.48 - 29
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 zainabi kids magazine edition 6

Zainabi kids magazine edition 6: Exploring Imagination and Learning in the World of Animals

Book Description

Zainabi Kids Magazine invites young readers on a captivating journey into the world of imagination and learning in its 6th Issue. In the spirit of spreading knowledge, the magazine begins with a profound quote by Imam Muhammad Al Baqir(a.s), reminding us of the value of teaching and learning.

In this month’s issue, readers are greeted with excitement as the Islamic Month of Muhurram takes center stage. Through engaging articles and stories, children will discover the significance of Muhurram and its lessons, emphasizing the importance of setting aside worldly enjoyments during this sacred period.

The adventure kicks off with Zehra Jafri’s enchanting poem, “A Pearly Poem,” which unravels the magic of discovering a precious pearl and transforming it into a beautiful necklace. The poem not only captivates young minds but also subtly instills the values of appreciation and creativity.

What follows is a delightful story titled “If I were an animal…” penned by the talented Zehra Jafri. Through the eyes of Zaynab, young readers are prompted to ponder the age-old question: “If I were an animal, which one would I be?” Zaynab’s quest to find the perfect animal companion leads to an unexpected twist as she embarks on a fantastical journey that takes her from the stables to the skies.

As Zaynab explores the realms of different animals, the magazine playfully encourages readers to reflect on their own favorite creatures. This story sparks their creativity and imagination, prompting them to contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of being their beloved animal for a day.

To complement the narrative, the magazine introduces a fun and educational activity – Venn Diagrams. Through this interactive exercise, young learners can compare and contrast various animals, such as dolphins, horses, and seagulls, while honing their analytical skills. The Venn Diagram created by Zehra Jafri offers an insightful perspective into the unique traits of these creatures.

In the midst of this imaginative journey, the magazine takes a brief pause to enlighten young minds about the significance of Muhurram. It emphasizes the importance of this sacred month, shedding light on the sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his family. Readers are encouraged to reflect on the preciousness of their tears, which are dedicated to the grieving of the Imam’s family, making this issue particularly poignant.

As the month of Muhurram unfolds, the magazine concludes with a powerful message: birthdays and celebrations are meaningful, but faith in Allah is of paramount importance. Young readers are encouraged to recognize the deeper significance of this sacred month, where every tear shed in remembrance becomes as valuable as gold.

Zainabi Kids Magazine Issue 6 is not just a publication; it’s an invitation for young hearts and minds to embark on an imaginative journey, explore the world of animals, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Muhurram. Join Zaynab and her friends as they navigate this exciting world of learning and wonder, reminding us all that knowledge, imagination, and faith are the most precious treasures of all.

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