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zainabi kids magazine vol 1 pdf

zainabi kids magazine vol 1 - 0.46 - 8
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 zainabi kids’ magazine vol 1

A Poem! Heaven By Zehra Jafri 

  • When I look up at the sky, 
  • I wish that I could be up there. 
  • I wish I could go there and fly. 
  • At the beautiful sky I stare 
  • One day, I may go up there. 
  • My good deeds, I can 
  • To a place that Allah made with lots of care 
  • Heaven is the dream of any woman or man. 
  • Maybe If I act kind and nice. 
  • Pray my namaz, help those that have needs. 
  • I can make it to paradise. 
  • Life is a journey; pack everything, especially your good deeds.

Play a Game! 

This game is basically a memory game. Test your memory with this game! Sit in a circle. First person says a famous Islamic leader. Let’s take Imam Ali for example. Then, going clockwise, the second person chooses another one. Let’s have Hazrat Ali Asghar. But that person also has to repeat who the last person said. So, he says: Hazrat Ali Asghar, Imam Ali. The next person says another one. Let’s take Bibi Khadija for example. They also have to repeat what the first two people said. This is a fun game, but it requires a lot of memory! See who will forget what the last people said or run out of ideas! It’s a fun game when there are lots of people! This is a great game to play at parties when there are many people! 

Read a Good Deed Story! Fatima’s Bird by Zehra Jafri 

There once was a little girl named Fatima. She loved to walk outside after school. She would love to look outside at the animals. Her favorite animals were birds. Fatima’s dream was to have a bird as a pet. Sadly, she was only five years old, so her mother said she couldn’t have a pet bird. One day, she was walking. It was a cold autumn day. There was a chill in the air and leaves blew everywhere. Then, she heard a loud chirping noise. Fatima knew it was a bird. She ran and saw that a little baby bird had fallen out of its nest! Fatima gently picked up the bird and carried it home very quickly and carefully. She showed her mother. 

Her mother said that the bird was very weak and wasn’t feeling well. Her mother brought food for the bird. Fatima enjoyed feeding it. She put a little food on her hand and let the bird sniff and eat the food. They let the bird live in a shoe box.  The next day, Fatima was eager to see the bird. She woke up from her bed and saw that the window was open, and the bird was missing. Fatima was crying. She thought that the bird was gone forever. 

“Now Allah will never forgive me!” she thought. Her mother saw she was crying and said, “Fatima, Allah is very happy that you saved a bird.  

You saved a life. Allah is going to give you lots of praise. The bird is fine, I think it flew away. Now the bird is praying for you. Good job Fatima!” Fatima smiled. She felt good. Everyone feels really happy after doing a good deed. 

Learn a New Word! 

What language do you speak? Maybe you speak only English, or Urdu, or Farsi, or Arabic? Wouldn’t it be neat to learn a new word in another language? Let’s take the word: 


In Arabic, it would be Ta’am or Akel 

In Urdu, it would be Khaana 

In Farsi, it would be Ghazaa 

Let’s do a good deed! 

A great way to do a good deed is to do it for someone who needs more than you.  Collect money or food for orphanages or food banks. You can arrange a garage sale or a lemonade stand. You can also ask people to donate money as well. It  

It is really fun! You get to know new people and it’s well to know that you are helping a person just like yourself. 

What is Zainab Magazine? Zainab Magazine is the Magazine that shows kids how to help Islam today, so that they can become the shining helpers of Islam tomorrow. 

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