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A Principle Concerning Patience and Gratitude pdf

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 A Principle Concerning Patience And Gratitude
  • Book Author:
Amjad Rafiq, Ibn Taymiyah
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A Principle Concerning Patience and Gratitude by Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah Translated from the Arabic by Abū Iyaad Amjad Rafiq with additional notes and citations from other works.

Contents – A Principle Concerning Patience and Gratitude

  • Translator’s Introduction
  • A Brief Biography of Ibn Taymiyyah
  • The Treatise
  • All the Decrees of Allah Are Merchandise for the Believer
  • The Types of Patience
  • Allah and His Decree Upon the Servant
  • The Role of Sins in Calamities
  • The Reward for Patience and Granting Pardon
  • A Peaceful, Serene Heart
  • Between Humiliation and Honour
  • The Recompense For an Action is of its Like
  • Preserving One’s Beneficial Interests
  • Knowing the True Status of One’s Soul
  • Reward Lies with Allah Alone and Attainment is Through Patience
  • Observing Allah’s Nearness, Love and Support
  • Patience is One-Half of Faith
  • Subduing and Dominating the Soul
  • Allah is the Guardian of the Patient
  • Patience Forces the Oppressor to Leave his Oppression
  • Do Not Incite Your Disputant
  • Absence of Patience Leads to Oppression Itself
  • Being Oppressed Expiates Sins and Raises the Rank
  • Patience and Pardon Subdues Your Enemy
  • Maintaining One’s Lofty Station
  • An Act of Goodness Gives Birth to More Goodness
  • Gratitude
  • Appendix : Arabic Text
  • Appendix : Ibn al-Qayyim on Gratitude
  • Appendix : Imam al-Sa’dI on Gratitude
  • Appendix : Imam Ibn Baz on Gratitude
  • Glossary

The Types of Patience

And when the servant considers all of faith, he will see it returning back in its entirety to patience and gratitude. This is because patience is of three types:

  • The first type: Patience in embarking upon obedience until he performs it. The servant is unable to perform what has been commanded except with patience, perseverance and striving against his external and internal enemy.

His fulfilment of [the obligatory] commandments and his performance of the recommended duties will be in accordance with such patience.

  • The second type: Patience [in keeping] away from that which is prohibited until he [succeeds] in not performing it. For the soul and its incitements, Satan’s beautification [of disobedience] and evil companionship all command him with disobedience and encourage him upon it.
  • His abandonment of [disobedience] will be to the extent of the strength of his patience. Some of the Salaf said, “Righteous actions are perfonned by the righteous and the sinful, but none is able to abandon disobedience except the truthful (siddiq).”
  • The third type: Patience upon what afflicts him of calamities without his choice, and they are of two types:

The first: A type in which the creation have no choice at all such as diseases and other such calamities that [descend from] the heaven. It is easy to show patience towards them because the servant witnesses the ordainment and decree of Allah within them and [witnesses the fact] that man has no

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