About this Website

This website aims to provide access to Islamic discourses and literature sources to academic students, researchers, concerned professionals, Muslims, concerned non-Muslims, and anyone interested, regardless of religious affiliation. I have also included some books on other religions and disciplines.

This work intends to provide materials that explain different theological concepts and their role plus relevancy throughout the medieval, golden, and Classical eras to today’s contemporary times in the English language. I have also uploaded content and books of Islamic theology in other languages like Turkish and Luganda.

I have, up to now, presented more than 2300 English books; there are also books from other languages, but my primary focus was English.

Background of the website

Originally I created this website for my reference due to the difficulties I faced when I was doing Masters of Arts in Islamic studies in the English language. During that time, I had more than 3000 books of Islam in Arabic in my library. However, I did not even have 300 genuine books of Islam in English during that time.

Nonetheless, I knew that scholars wrote some books scattered around the internet about Islam in English. Therefore, I decided to create a website that can collect some major books that tackle issues of Islamic theology in English in one place.

Then when I started studying master’s in Islamic law in the Turkish language in Turkey in the mid of 2019, I faced the same challenges. Therefore, I will collect essential books written about Islamic law in the Turkish language in one place.

Later, this came to be beneficial to all other folks who would like to dig deep into various concepts of Islam.

On this website are books on various Islamic disciplines like;

  1. Islamic philosophy
  2. Islamic economics
  3. Islamic politics
  4. Islamic law
  5. Islamic history
  6. Islamic psychology
  7. Islamic ethics
  8. And so on and so forth

Email: [email protected]. You can find the contact form if you prefer to use it here.

Also, concerning the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) and Copyright related information, read it on this page, plus the respective privacy policy here.


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