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Who is Abraham in Islam?

Abraham in Islam is today’s topic

Let’s begin by asking ourselves the significance of the messenger and the prophet Abraham peace and blessing be upon him in the Islamic monotheistic religion

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Prophet Abraham is one of the prophets and messengers. He is also one of the four most patient prophets mentioned in the Quran. Abraham is mentioned in 35 places in the Holy Qur’an.

Muslims consider him a prophet, father, and symbol of the ideal Muslim. In Islamic tradition, Abraham is seen as the first pioneer of Islam. And that his goal and mission throughout his life was to declare the oneness of God.

Moreover, according to the holy book of the Quran in Surah al-Mumtahinah Muslims are argued to follow the footsteps of the messenger Abraham peace and blessings be upon him. He is also referred to in Islam as “Ibrahim Al-Khalil”. Meaning a great friend of God.

And in every prayer, there is what is known as the Abrahamic Prayer, in which every Muslim in every compulsory prayer -Salat and voluntary prayer the supplication for peace and blessing upon prophet Muhammad, Abraham, and their families is required.

Abraham’s lineage and birth

He is Ibrahim bin Tarikh, and he is (Azar) bin Nahour bin Sarog bin Argwa bin Falgh bin Aber bin Shalekh bin Qainan bin Arfakhshad bin Sam bin Noah.

However, Ibn Katheer mentions in his book The Beginning and the End – al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaayah that he is Ibrahim bin Tashakh bin Nahor bin Sarong bin Rao bin Falgh bin Aber bin Shalah bin Arfakhshad bin Sam bin Noah, peace is upon him. And he said: This is the same lineage that is mentioned in Torah and the bible.

Abraham grew up in the ancient land of Babylon in Iraq, in a pagan environment where people worshiped idols instead of Allah was common.

  Historians argue that there were two forms of idolatry in those areas during that time

  • Worshipping of idols
  • Worshipping the planets and stars in the sky.

 However, some scholars have argued that there was only one form of polytheism and that was the worshipping of the planets, but they symbolized them with idols and statues to simplify their worshipping styles.

Abraham called his people to Islam

The Muslim Qur’an mentions the story of Abraham with his people when he called them to abandon idolatry and worship God alone. They refused, citing their adherence to the religion of their fathers.

One day Prophet Ibrahim broke their idols, except the largest of those idols, during their absence according to the Quran Surat Al-Anbiya, verse 58.

When they came back and discovered what Abraham did to their gods, they decided to burn him in the fire, but the will of God – as in the Qur’an – made the fire cool and peaceful for him as mentioned in Surat Al-Anbiya, verse 69.

When Abraham went to Egypt, he married Hagar and she bore him Ishmael. His first wife, Sarah, later bore him Isaac and Jacob who were later all prophets.

Later Abraham immigrated to Palestine and lived near the village of Arbaa (a Canaanite city) in the place where the city of Hebron was later established, and where the Ibrahimi Mosque was built that is believed to be buried.

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