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adult guide on middle east pdf download

📘 Book Title Adult Guide On Middle East
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Adult guide on the middle east


So, you want to study the Middle East! Have you ever had experience with a campfire? When you are camping overnight, you build a good fire. The flames give light and warmth. The fire attracts people.

The atmosphere is peace­ful and friendly. You talk about all kinds of subjects and listen to many stories. Then it’s time to go to bed. You bank the fire and crawl into your tent. In the morning when you wake up, you push away the ashes and try to find embers with which to build another fire.

The Middle East is a campfire. There was a time when its flames went high and illuminated the surrounding areas. Its light and warmth attracted many peoples. All roads led to the Middle East then.

 Its cultural flames danced skyward and illuminated the surrounding world. Its light and warmth attracted many people, and in the fellowship, much was learned and shared.

And then the people went into a deep slumber and the ashes of time covered their huge fire.

Now the people of the Middle East have awakened and want to push away the ashes, use the embers, and make a new fire. In this they are confronted with two problems. One is that every time they have attempted to push the ashes away, they have been prevented by hands from outside.

These hands have been British, Russian, French, German, and sometimes American. Because of these hands, Middle Easterners have become suspicious of the West. The other problem is one of choice. The people of the Middle East

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