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AL Tadhkirah BY IMAM qURTUBI pdf download

An Authentic Selection from Imam Al-Qurtubi’s AL TADHKIRAH FI AHWALIL-MAWT AWAL-AKHIRAH

  • Book Title:
 Al Tadhkirah By Imam Qurtubi
  • Book Author:
Imam al-Qurtubi
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  • Preamble  15
  • Translator’s Introduction. . . 17
  • Translator’s Note.,. 21
  • Chapter 1: The interdiction of wishing for death owing
  • to a physical or financial calamity  22
  • Cbapter2: The permissibility of praying for death for fear of
  • How believers’ and disbelievers’ souls leave their bodies ,  35
  • Proofs of the pains of death and the condition of dying people , 36
  • Death expiates Muslims’ sins.,. 40
  • Chapter 10: Man should have a favorable opinion of Allah at his death (Fearing Allah)  41
  • Chapter 11: Dictating Shahadah to the dying person 42
  • Chapter 12: He who attends to a dying person should utter good words (How to pray for the dying person at death and how Lo close his eyelids).   44
  • Chapter 13: What should be said on closing the dead person’s eyelids , . 46
  • Chapter 14: How Satan attends to the dying person
  • CTI1e fear of bad ends)  47
  • The preparation for, and remembrance of death  27
  • What reminds people of death and the hereafter and helps them disregard life .  29
  • What should be said on entering cemeteries;
  • permissibility of crying there , 32
  • Believers sweat at death. 34
  • Concerning Bad Deaths
  • Chapter 16: The Heralds of Forthcoming Death. 52
  • Chapter 17: The soul will be given either glad or had tidings before it leaves the body  53
  • Chapter 18: How souls will meet each other in paradise. 55
  • Chapter 19: The destiny of the sou] after it leaves the body 57
  • Chapter 20: The angel of death seizes people’s souls and visits every house five times a day. 58
  • Chapter 21: When the soul departs, the sight follows  59
  • Chapter 22: The dust of every grave will be hailed on the person buried therein. 60
  • Chapter 23: What follows a person to his grave and stays
  • Chapter 24: The severity of death -The grave is the first step toward the hereafter.,. 62
  • Chapter 2ö:  Selecting the place of burial.    64
  • Chapter 26: How the dead exchange visits in their graves.,, ,   65
  • Chapter 27: How the grave speaks and addresses its inhabitants daily
  • Chapter 28: How the grave presses its inhabitants, even the virtuous ones,  66
  • Chapter 29: The dead person is tortured when his family wails for hinı (That makes him suffer)  67
  • Chapter 30: What should be said when the dead person is placed in the grave. 68
  • Chapter 31: Standing by the grave after burying the
  • dead person and praying for him._.  69
  • Chapter 34: Different Traditions on the Vastness of the Grave of a Believer. 80
  • Chapter 35: The causes of grave torture
  • (The different conditions of the disobedient according to their sins}. 81
  • Chapter· 36: The explanation of the verse that roads: “Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world. “,  86
  • Chapter 37: The dead person is brought to his abode (in paradise or hell) morning .and evening. 89
  • Chapter 38: How many martyrs are there?
  • Why a martyr is called so?
  • What is the meaning of martyrdom? 91
  • Chapter 39: How man’s body decays after death except for the coecyx 92
  • Chapter 40: The bodies of prophets and martyrs do not decay (They are alive).  94
  • Chapter 41: The destruction of creation
  • (Blowing the trumpet, and swooning – The interval between the two times of blowing) (Resurrection – Presentation – Heli). 95
  • Chapter 42: Explanation of the verse reading: “The trumpet will just be sounded, when
  • Chapter 43: Reconciling some verses that seem to be contradictory100
  • Chapter 44: Gathering people before Allah bare footed, naked and uncircumcised (Who would be dressed first and which organs would speak. first) 105
  • Chapter 45: “”1ıat rescues people from the agony and terrors of the Day of Judgment
  • Chapter 46: The general intercession of the Prophet for the gathered people 118
  • Chapter 47: How intercession will be glorious 123
  • Chapter 48: A commentary on the verse that reads: “A day when some faces will shine while other- will be in the gloom of black-t 128
  • Chapter 50: What the slave will be questioned about
  • and how the questioning will take place 130
  • Chapter 51: How Allah, the highest, will talk to His slaves without directly 132
  • Chapter 52; Retaliation on the Day judgment 133
  • Chapter 53: The testimony of the earth, nights and clays and wealth ı:15
  • Chapter 54: The Prophet’s Hawd: its length, width, vessels and those who will drink from it 140
  • Chapter 55: Poor Muhajireeıı will be the first to approach the Hawd 14, ı
  • Chapter 56: Those who will be driven away from the Hawd  146
  • Chapter 57: General Description of the Prophet’s Hawd. 149
  • Chapter 58: The Balance 150
  • Chapter 59: The function of the balance and the way deeds will be weighed 153
  • Chapter 60: “I1he People of A’raf.  161
  • Chapter 61: On the Day of Judgment every nation Will follow what it used to worship in the world the hypocrites will be tested and the Path will be established 165
  • Chapter 62: Sirat: Its description and the way of crossing it, 168
  • Chapter 63: Three Occasions that the Prophet will never
  • miss owing to their dreadfulness s 175
  • Chapter 64: Angels’ reception of the Prophets and their nations after crossing Sirat and destroying their enemies 176
  • Chapter 65: The second Sirat: The bridge between hell and paradise 178
  • Chapter 66: How sinful believers who enter hell will be burnt to death, and then released through intercession 179
  • Chapter 67: Those \\rho will be interceded for before entering hell because of their good deeds 181
  • Chapter 68: Intercessors for those who will enter hell 181
  • Chapter 69: Intercessors for dwellers of hell 183
  • Chapter 70: Recognizing the people entitled to intercession by the impact of prostration on their foreheads and their glimmering faces 18 9
  • Chapter 71: The bounty of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness on the Day of Judgment. 192
  • Chapter 72: Paradise is beset by adversities and hell by desires. 194
  • Chapter 73: The quarrel between paradise and hell and the attributes of their dwellers 196
  • Chapter 74: The attributes of paradise and hell dwellers.197
  • Chapter 75: Who constitutes the majority of the dwellers of paradise and hell 203
  • Chapter 76: How headmen will be thrown into hell 205
  • Chapter 77: Oppressor tax collectors and those severing bonds of kinship arc denied excess to paraclise206
  • Chapter 78: The first people to go to hell 208
  • Chapter 79: Those who enter paradise without judgment 210
  • Chapter 80: Muhammad’s nation represents half the dwellers of paradise or even more 212
  • Chapter 81: The horrors of hell 214
  • Chapter 82: When hell was created, angels panicked, 215
  • Chapter 83: Those who ask Allah, glory to Him to grant them paradise and save them from hell 215
  • Chapter 84: What is established in the Glorious Book
  • and the Prophets Sunna          216
  • Chapter 85: Hell: its bottoms and dwellers 218
  • Chapter 86: Explaining the verse reading: “To it arc seven gates: for each of those gates is a special class of sinners assigned”‘ 219
  • Chapter 87: Heli: its greatness, horrors, numerous angels and their great creation, uncontrollability. How the Prophet will repress it so that it. may not attack people on the Day of Judgment 222
  • Chapter 88: The nineteen kepers of hell .  222
  • Chapter 89:  The vastness of hell and the greatness of its pavilions: An explanation of the   verse reading: ‘1They are cast, bound together, into a constricted place therein.” 224
  • Chapter 91: Description of hell, its heat and severe torture.    226
  • Chapter 92: The maces, chains, yokes and fatten; of the dwellers of hell 232
  • Chapter 93: How hell contains mountains, trenches, valleys seas, tanks, reservoirs, wells, cisterns, furnaces, prisons, s bridges palaces, querns] scorpions and May Allah save us from them! 237
  • Chapter 94: Explaining the verse reading: ‘Whose fuel is men and stones. 241
  • Chapter 95: 11le enlargement of unbelievers’ bodies according to their infidelity. (The distribution of torture over disobedient believers according to the deeds carried out by their organs) 242
  • Chapter 96: The severe torture awaiting people of sins,
  • by which the dwellers of he11 will be hurt 244
  • Chapter 97: The severe punishment awaiting those who do not practice the good deeds they preach people to do and practice the evil due they advise people to avoid.
  • Chapter 98: The food, drink and clothes of the dwellers of hell 249
  • Chapter 99: How the dwellers of hell will weep
  • (And those receiving slightest torture) 257
  • Chapter 100: How every Muslim is rescued from hell in return for an unbeliever to be thrown into it.258……..

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