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Book Title Al Tawhid Its Implications For Thought And Life
Book AuthorIsmail Rāji al Fărūqi
Total Pages355
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Al Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life by Ismail Rāji al Fărūqi – International Institute of Islamic Thought Herndon, Virginia, U.S.A.


Book contents

  • Introduction to the Second Edition
  • Preface
  • Chapter I
  • The Essence of Religious Experience
    • Al Tawhid as Religious Experience
    • Al Tawhid as Worldview
  • Chapter II
  • The Quintessence of Islam
    • The Importance of Al Tawhid
    • Divine Transcendence in Judaism and Christianity
    • Divine Transcendence in Islam
    • Islam’s Special Contribution to World Culture
  • Chapter III
  • The Principle of History
    • The Principle of Knowledge
    • Neither Skepticism nor the “Faith” of Christians
    • Iman: A Gnoselogical Category
    • Unity of God and Unity of Truth
    • Tolerance
  • Chapter IV
  • The Principle of Metaphysics
    • The Orderly Universe
    • The Teleological Universe
  • Chapter V
  • The Principle of Ethics
    • The Humanism of Islam
    • Purpose of Man’s Creation
    • Man’s Innocence
    • Imago Del
    • Actionalism
    • Ummatism
    • Universalism
    • Life and World-Affirmation
  • Chapter VI
  • The Principle of Social Order
    • Uniqueness of Islam
    • Al Tawhid and Societism
    • Theoretical Implications
    • Practical Implications
  • Chapter VII
  • The Principle of the Ummah
    • Terminology
    • Nature of the Ummah
    • The Ummah’s Internal Dynamics
  • Chapter VIII
  • The Principle of the Family
    • Decline of the Family Institution in the World
    • The Family as Constitutive Unit of Society
    • Contemporary Problems
  • Chapter IX
  • The Principle of Political Order
    • Al Tawhid and Al Khilafah
    • Al Tawhid and Political Power
  • Chapter X
  • The Principle of the Economic Order
    • Joint Essential Priority of the Material and Spiritual
    • Universalism of the Islamic Economic Order
    • Ethics of Production
    • Ethical Principles of Production
    • Ethics of Consumption
  • Chapter XI
  • The Principle of World Order
    • The Universal Brotherhood
  • Chapter XII
  • The Principle of Aesthetics
    • Muslim Artistic Unity and Its Challengers
    • Transcendence in Aesthetics
  • References
  • Index
  • Glossary of Terms of Foreign Origin

Book description

Discover the profound exploration of Islamic philosophy and thought in *Al Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life*, a seminal work authored by Ismail Rāji al Fărūqi and published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia, U.S.A.

This enlightening book delves into the philosophical and practical implications of the concept of Al Tawhid – the fundamental principle of monotheism in Islam. With a comprehensive examination of various facets of Al Tawhid, Ismail Rāji al Fărūqi offers readers a thought-provoking journey that spans across diverse areas of human understanding and existence.

The book’s contents are rich and thoughtfully organized, encompassing a wide array of topics:

– The journey begins with an “Introduction to the Second Edition” that sets the stage for a deep exploration.

– In the “Preface,” readers are provided with an insightful overview of the content’s significance and context.

– “Chapter I: The Essence of Religious Experience” offers an exploration of Al Tawhid as both a religious experience and a worldview, providing readers with a profound understanding of its role in shaping Islamic thought.

– “Chapter II: The Quintessence of Islam” delves into the core of Islam, discussing the importance of Al Tawhid and its contrast with concepts of divine transcendence in other religious traditions. It also highlights Islam’s distinctive contribution to global culture.

– “Chapter III: The Principle of History” explores the principle of knowledge and the concept of Iman, offering insights into the unity of God and truth, as well as the virtue of tolerance in the Islamic context.

– “Chapter IV: The Principle of Metaphysics” delves into the orderliness and teleology of the universe, shedding light on Islamic metaphysical thought.

– “Chapter V: The Principle of Ethics” examines the humanism of Islam and the ethical dimensions of concepts such as purpose, innocence, and action, along with their contributions to universal values.

– “Chapter VI: The Principle of Social Order” delves into the uniqueness of Islam, discussing its implications for societal structures, both in theory and practice.

– “Chapter VII: The Principle of the Ummah” provides insight into the concept of the Ummah, its terminology, nature, and internal dynamics.

– “Chapter VIII: The Principle of the Family” offers a critical exploration of the family’s role in society, its decline, and its constitutive significance.

– “Chapter IX: The Principle of Political Order” analyzes Al Tawhid’s implications for political power and its influence on the governance of societies.

– “Chapter X: The Principle of the Economic Order” explores the intersections of material and spiritual priorities, delving into the ethical considerations of production and consumption.

– “Chapter XI: The Principle of World Order” discusses the universal brotherhood that emerges from Al Tawhid’s teachings, emphasizing its potential for global harmony.

– “Chapter XII: The Principle of Aesthetics” offers an insightful examination of Muslim artistic unity, its challenges, and the notion of transcendence in aesthetics.

The book concludes with valuable “References,” an “Index,” and a “Glossary of Terms of Foreign Origin,” making it an indispensable resource for scholars, students, and seekers of knowledge interested in the intersection of philosophy, theology, and Islam. *Al Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life* is an intellectual journey that invites readers to explore the multifaceted dimensions of Islamic thought and its profound impact on human life.

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