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Allah Loves pdf by Omar Suleiman

Allah Loves
Uploaded by Omar Suleiman
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Allah Loves by Omar Suleiman


He says;

Our aim should constantly be to pursue Allah’s pleasure; pursue the reward that He has promised. Furthermore, one should avoid the things that He has told us to stay away from but to know that one is loved by Allah, is the pinnacle.

To strive and remain constantly focused on that goal to pursue Allah’s love and to meet Him in that state of love is the most special and sacred level that a human being can attain. In thirty short chapters, this book will look at who, and what qualities and characteristics Allah loves and how we may become people who are loved by Allah and do things that Allah loves. 

There is an ongoing debate about what the true meaning of taqwā is: does it mean to be in fear of Him, or to be conscious of Him? What does piety even mean? What does it mean to be God-conscious?

How can I fear Him if I need to love Him? If you translate for example as God loves those who fear Him, then this would need further explanation. Ibn al-Qayyim said that “when you fear something, you run away from it, but when you fear Allah, you run back to Him”.

And so the fear of Allah is not the kind that would cause you to flee from Him but to come back to Him because that fear is not like the fear of anything else.

Taqwā is inadequately understood when defined only in the context of fear. 

So how do we merge fear and love? We fear losing His love and that is actually why Ramadan is such an effective way for us to learn how to not lose His love. In Ramadan, we observe how and what we consume. We physically make sure that we don’t consume anything that is going to nullify our fast.

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