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Arabic Through the Qur’an by Alan Jones


In its 40 lessons, the book covers all the important points of the grammar of Quranic Arabic — though not every point, as there are some problems of Qur’anic grammar that the grammarians, Arab and non-Arab alike, have never solved.

Like grammarians in the past, I have occasionally taken a sentence somewhat out of context or changed a case-ending so that a phrase can stand alone.

Without these minor and traditional pedagogic liberties, examples of some grammatical points would be very scarce. This is hardly surprising, given the relatively small size of the text of the Qur’an.

Nevertheless, Quranic examples are used in most places in the explanatory material, and all the exercises consist of Quranic quotations.

The three topics in which I had to use most non-Quranic examples were numerals, relative sentences, and exceptive sentences.

Here I have used several non-Quranic examples to help me to provide a full explanation.

Elsewhere such examples are rare. I have tried, wherever possible, to show the grammar of the Qur’an within the broader framework of Arabic as defined by the classical grammarians and also that of later Arabic.

For most of the book, this is a relatively straightforward task, even though the language of the Qur’an predates that of classical Arabic and though it contains a range of expressions and constructions that are not normally found in later texts (unless, of course, they crop up in a Qur’anic quotation).

For the greater part of the book, the reader may be assured that there is relatively little difference between Qur’anic and later Arabic, except in vocabulary.

However, the topics covered in the last five lessons

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