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Arabic Without Tears pdf download

Book Title Arabic Without Tears
Book AuthorImran Alawiye
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Arabic Without Tears


Notes for parents and teachers

Welcome to Arabic Without Tears. This book is the first in a series that will help you to support young chi1dren or pupils taking their first steps in 1earning the Arabic language in a lively and colourful manner.

This first volume aims to teach children to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet in their basic, unjoined form.

As each letter is introduced, an arrowed diagram shows the correct direction of pen movement for writing the letter, and a page of writing practice follows during which the child is gradually encouraged to gain more independence and confidence in formulating the letter.

letters are introduced in small batches, broken up with colourful activities centred around alphabet recognition and further writing practice.

To maintain the child’s interest, aspects of Arabic vocabulary are introduced, most notably the colours and numbers up to ten, which are

Written in their transliterated form as well as in Arabic to enable the pupil to learn them more easily and use them in different activities and contexts.

A page of colour and number flashcards at the back of the book can be cut out by the teacher or parent to test the child’s knowledge of these key words.

The1earner is also encouraged to pick up other vocabulary along the way in particular the  names of various fruits and items of clothing.

No prior knowledge of Arabic is assumed on the part of the child, but it would be helpful if the parent or teacher is able to read a 1ittle Arabic so as to ensure correct pronunciation.

Suggestions for use Letters of the alphabet pages:

  • Begin by discussing the orientation of the book with the child, explaining that Arabic books run from right to left.
  • Explain that the text on each page also rw1s from right to left. For each letter of the alphabet that is introduced, ensure that your child begins writing at the right hand side of the page, travelling across to the left, and that each letter is written in accordance with the arrowed diagram.

Ask your child to write over each letter, joining up the dashes, and to finish off the incomplete letters. At the bottom of the page, encourage the child to try writing some complete letters by him or herself.

  • Talk about the name of each letter and the sow1d it makes. Use the word shown next to the picture on each alphabet page to illustrate the sound of the letter and encourage the child to ‘earn these words by heart if possible.
  • Cse the letter bar running across the bottom of the page to illustrate each letter ‘s position

Within the alphabet. The ‘active’ letter being learnt is highlighted in yellow. Encourage the child to read all the way through the alphabet letter bar as far as the letter he/ she is learning to reinforce his/her recognition of the letters and knowledge of alphabetical order.

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